Ergonomics…One more reason to go for Womb Chair

It’s Friday night and you just got home. You need desperately to sit and relax, and your Womb Chair is there, to provide all the comfort you need, for your back and feet. According to almost every scientific research, to sit properly is a sine qua non requirement to avoid the risks associated with prolonged sitting.

As we can see in this excellent report of The Guardian, to sit in a ergonomic chair is not enough to guarantee a proper work day. Prolonged sitting makes you slide and change your posture from time to time, due to fatigue and boredom. So, keep in mind that besides your ergonomic support, you must be capable of:

1. Keep the same position for your body (feet, thighs, arms, eye-line, chin).

2. Alternate sit/down lapses. Better with 45 minutes intervals.

Your Womb Chair is a great alternative for those intervals of relaxing, between work hours.

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