Exotic Chairs: The Mole Chair.

Could you imagine an interpretation of Mid Century Modern style that shows at the same time the exuberance, relaxation, and sense of wilderness of being in the jungle of  Brazil? Well, If you think that is not possible, is because you don’t know the work of Sergio Rodrigues.

Sergio Rodrigues is considered the father of modern furniture in Brazil. Born in 1927 in Rio de Janeiro, and passed in 2014. Among Niemayer and other outstanding Brazilian figures, he was one voice of modernism and provide to the Mid Century Modern style of a different vibe, both modern and exotic at the same time, with creations that defy our conventional views on furniture and take us to a new land.

The furniture of Sergio Rodrigues has its own language and is a direct product of the nature of Brazil. Just like a Scandinavian Hans Wegner with masterpieces like the Shell Chair,  Rodrigues has a profound respect for nature and wood, working with South American varieties like Jacaranda or imbuia, that have their own beauty, density, and complexities. The result is expressed in masterpieces like the Mole Chair.       

Made of solid, round and strong imbuia wood, the stunning Mole Chair frame supports an exuberant, over-sized leather cushion with adjustable leather-support straps  that make you feel comfortable and free into a new territory of coziness. The Mole Chair received the first prize of the IV Viena Furniture Convention. It was designed in 1961 and is a classic nowadays for any design lover with wild appetites.    

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