Fill your Living Room with the color of the Womb Chair

The Womb Chair is one chair of a kind. With its unique shape and colorful presentation, the Womb Chair fills any place and it will take over, becoming the sensation of the room. Not only for the grown-ups but all members of the house: children and pets in the first place.

And this is one of the main strength of the Womb Chair: Color. Let’s take a look to several options that will make your Womb Chair, the coolest place of your house.


Let the color run free with the most popular option for your favorite chair. You can complement your choice with purple, ochre and orange cushions.


A sober choice to fit in places and all color pallets. If you are worried about your grey walls and to keep a calm quiet place for a relaxed reading, our grey options will make feel the Hygge without hesitation. Think in purple and light blue as complements.


Relax and fun aren’t against elegance. A black choice of a Womb Chair will fill your place with a formal but relaxed style. Ideal for black and white spaces, you can create a great effect with orange, green cushions.     

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