Flamboyant Chairs: The Spun Chair

From the mind of Thomas Heatherwick, a great British designer, comes the Spun Chair. A flamboyant chair, only at fist sight. Looking like an sculptured empty vessel, the Spun chair is really a mobile relaxing chair.

Once you sit in, you may lean from side to side or rotate around, without falling. The Spun Chair is fun, but is functional, too. Originally released in 2005. Heatherwick tried to solve the question if one completely round and rotationally symmetrical object make a comfortable chair? The success of this flamboyant chair seems to answer the question.

Originally created with the same materials of timpani drums (those big drums used in symphonic  orchestras), the Spun is now made from polypropylene, and it has many replicas around the world. A chair to have fun and give your life a twist.

Thomas Heatherwick is a very famous designer and it has stunning achievements, like the design of the UK Pavilion at the Shanghai Expo of 2010, just like did Ludwig Mies van der Rohe in the International Exposition of Barcelona in 1928, with the German Pavilion and the Barcelona Chair.

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