Get your living room in trend with the Pantone Colors of the year

The Pantone color of the year 2021 (or more precisely, colors of the year 2021, since the chose two), turned to be a very surprising one. Aiming to point out a statement, more than a nice match to use in our walls, there is some kind of controversy about the real beauty behind the chosen pair .

The colors chosen by Pantone are

 Ultimate Gray (PANTONE 17-5104) and Illuminating (PANTONE 13-0647), and they were announced the second week of December 2020.

Some people argument that these colors are not really “matching” . But let’s suppose that we want to see they together…How would they look?

Grey sofa + Yellow accents.

This is the most standard combination for your space. Grey is one of the most popular tones for sofas since several years ago, when microfiber, velvet and other fabrics begun to gain space. Generally, a grey sofa is surrounded by a neutral color of walls, let’s say a lighter grey, or white. Thus, walls and furniture have a complementary relationship, and your cushions, throws and rug can be used to make some accent marks.  There, yellow may have a great role, especially in hues like Illuminating.

As it happens with all room décor, it’s quite important to observe the rule of proportion. Yellow itself is a very strong hue, so in a setting where it plays the accent role, to use it in excess is can easily break the balance of tones.

Yellow Sofa + Grey surroundings

But lets say that you feel really illuminated this 2021, and you want to make a clear statement. In that case, nothing compites to a yellow sofa. Well, maybe a pink sofa. But it really can be a success, and you only need to take good care on how the remaining elements of the room act together to balance this somehow bold choice. One great and original way to make a special contrast is using concrete. Whether as a wall canvas, or in the form of a center table, the solid, earthy nature of concrete has a smooth effect on a mustard, iridescent yellow.

Grey  and the primary colors

Light grey is a neutral color. That means that it can fit with almost any color. Using grey in a sofa, for example with yellow cushions, may invite us to incorporate elements like  more primary colors. A whole display in yellow, blue and red may work in a grey sofa, with no more limitations that the classic measures of proportion.

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