Hans Wegner and the Shell Chair, When passion is for a lifetime

Was the year of 1960, in the midst of the presidential election of the most powerful country in the world. The candidates were about to make the first TV presidential debate ever, in the middle of the fascination of America with this media. This was one historic moment for many reasons, and all eyes were watching the face of movements of the candidates Richard Nixon and John F. Kennedy. In this first ever televised debate, the candidates were seated. The chairs were elegant and comfortable, but simple and no ostentatious. The model was The Chair, or as it was labeled later, the round chair, and its creator, a Danish named  Hans Wegner.

This meant for Wegner an outstanding success, success that was added to a extended list of famous chairs, like the China Series, the Shell Chair and the Ox Chair, among others. 

Hans Wegner is one of the best examples of commitment and passion for work. With an unflagging will for creation and hard work, we can say without a doubt that he is one of the greatest masterships of wood and interior design in the last century. With classic models of the Danish and Modernist movements, like the Wishbone Chair, the Chinese Chair or the Shell Chair, just to name a few, Wegner is the one the main images of a organic concept of Modern furniture.

Wegner was born in Tondern, Dennmark in 1914. Since its very childhood he manifested skills for wood and craftmanship for Interior Design. Already in 1938 and studying design, he was hired by Jacobsen and Erik Moller to design furniture for a town hall. Once this project was completed, he already started his own studio and never stopped working again in its life. From there a continuous path of hardwork with every time new models and design achievements was the constant.  

The Shell Chair  Well ahead of its time was the Shell Chair when it was created in 1963. Praised by critics, the public didn’t share the same reaction, and a very limited production was released. Reintroduced in 1998, a new generation in the rise of Mid century Modern Style rediscovered the unique design of the Hans Wegner Shell Chair and since then it became the classic image of an accent chair.

With a winged reminiscences design, on an unique seat, and a ultra refined setting of 3 spider – like legs supporting its laminated veneer seat and back, the Shell Chair meets to the perfection the principles of its creator, Hans Wegner. A comfortable chair that is beautiful from any angle.

Hans Wegner died in 2007 in Denmark. A tireless worker, he only took vacations pressed by its family once in a while.

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