Hans Wegner Chairs: The CH22 Lounge Chair

As it is commented before, Hans Wegner, the great figure of Danish  Design, was a prolific creator of furniture in the XXth Century, with several timeless pieces in its pocket, like the Hans Wegner Shell Chair, or the Wishbone Chair. Let’s find out al little bit more about the Lounge Series, with the CH25 Chair, and the CH22.

Created in 1949, the CH22 Lounge Chair belongs to the first collection demanded by the Hansen House to the hen young creator. As many of its creations, the wise use of wood and craftmanship is present in all the details of this master piece, with all the distinctive characteristics of the hands of Wegner: Its large wooden back with cover caps, and the arm support is embracing the side stretcher and the seat frame only to expand full width under the armrest, for maximal support.

Elegant and sober, the CH22 is a beautiful chair for relaxed spaces, or to seat around a coffee table. Its soft, light structure makes it trendy according to the current demands in interior design.

The CH22 Lounge Chair was produced since 1950 by the Hansen House, but interrupted in the 1980s. Nevertheless, in 2016 its was  rereleased and since then is gaining sustained popularity, among with enthusiasts and the market of replicas.

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