Hans Wegner Chair’s: The Flag Halyard Chair

In the world of Hans Wegner’s Chairs, the Flag Halyard Chair is  kind of a rara avis, though this is one of the most popular and recognizable items created by the Danish creator of the  Hans Wegner Shell Chair.

Hans J. Wegner had the idea for this unique chair the year of 1950, on a hot summer afternoon while watching his kids play at the beach. Intended to design a chair for himself that would help him during the holidays, Wegner ended up designing the Flag Halyard Chair – a modern icon. They say that Wegner made its first sketch in the very sand of the beach, and it took only 20 minutes to finish it.

Different to the other chairs designed by Hans Wegner, where wood is the main structural material, the Flag Halyard use stainless steel for its frame.  It is believed that through the Flag Halyard chair, Wegner paid tribute to Mid – Century Modern enthusiasts like Le Corbusier, Ludwig Mies Van der Rohe, etc. Having known his deep respect for wood and all of its characteristics, the creation of the Flag halyard Chair was considered to be infidelity on his behalf. Built on a stainless steel frame, the flat surfaces are made using a long, single halyard flag which is then covered with a longhaired sheepskin to cover the hard surface of the chair and help you experience the luxury you deserve.

Danish brand Getama picked up the chair for production, an undoubtedly difficult task given the piece’s suspension construction and unusual combination of materials. The original Flag Halyard consists of chrome-plated steel, woven rope, linen and a sheepskin throw; subsequent models incorporate leather.

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