Hans Wegner Chair’s: The Oculus Chair

With a touch of mystery and charm, the history of the Oculus Chair is fascinating as the chair itself. Lost in the Hans Wegner files in the studio of the Danish Master creator of the Shell Chair; it never went on production. But it only was a clay model and some photos of a prototype.

The house Hansen took over and planned to release the chair, guided by design principles of Wegner and the experience of so many models where they worked together. The Oculus Chair was released in 2010, three years after the death of the Danish figure and it was an immediate success.

An enchanting lounge chair

The  Oculus Chair is a comfortable and magnetique lounge chair, in the same tradition of a Saarinen’s Womb Chair,  or the Eames Lounge Chair. Supported in a light and elegant steel frame, the big, rounded body of the chair, seat, and back, create a sense of contrast. The upholstery of the back seat in the Oculus Chair reminds of a human eye, so this is where its name came from (Oculus means eye in Latin).

Gorgeous and elegant, the oversized backrest and sloping armrests of the Oculus Chair invite you to sit, relax your feet in its matched Ottoman and experience the pleasure of being seated in one of the best objects you can,  just like when you do it in your Shell Chair.

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