Hans Wegner Chairs: The Wing Chair

We are making a brief account of the work of Hans Wegner, creator of the Shell Chair, the Wishbone Chair, among other pieces. Now is the turn of the Wing Chair, one different approach of Wegner to the field of comfort.

The Wing chair is somehow something different compared to other popular works by the Danish master. From materials to shape. The Wing Chair (CH445) is a comfort chair. With a stainless steel frame and upholstered body, the Wing Chair is a solid, stunning piece for a lounge room.

With a high fully upholstered back seat, the Wing Chair has a very solid comfortable body with enough density to support all parts of the body. Its stainless steel frame is slender and rounded. Each leg has a shoe attached to prevent any sliding. Four small steel coned elements connect the upper part of the chair with the frame. 

The Wing Chair was released originally in 1960, but with a limited number of production. In 2006 it was re released with outstanding success, as it is today. It has a foot stool to complement the comfort experience.

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