Hans Wegner Shell Chair at the movies: The Incredibles

As it has been told many times, Mid Century Modern furniture is without a doubt one of the favorites styles of Hollywood and the world of TV sitcoms. There are countless examples of that, from a very wide range of genres: From the thriller fear of American Psycho with the Barcelona Chairs, to the fine humor of Frasier in TV, with the Eames Lounge Chair fetish of Frasier Crane.

Edna and the Hans Wegner Shell Chair.

But comics and the world of animation aren’t an exception, and surprisingly, design furniture may play a significant role. We can see it recently with Spy Family X, a very successful Japanese manga where every main character rely in a design furniture piece to express their feelings and actions: A Barcelona Chair, An LC3 Grand Comfort, an La Chaisse are some of the classics that you can appreciate in a cool way  through the always avant garde japanese manga. 
One fine example of the adoption of Mid Century Modern furniture by the creative minds of Movies and TV is The Incredibles movie.  In this wonderful movie of 2004 the furniture is an expression of the ideas and hopes of its director, Brad Bird, about the future and what is called the golden period of American Design. And a little grain of sand in this vision of Mid Century Modern has to do with the Hans Wegner Shell Chair.
The Incredibles is a very detailed movie. It has a considerable number of sets, and Mid Century Modern style is present in all of them, with all the degrees and variations that different spaces require: The family house of the Parr’s, with all its spaces (living room, kitchen, backyard) is designed with classic elements of Mid Century Modern, such as Zanuso Chairs. Architectural design of Edna’s house , the powerful though small coordinator of Superheros, comes from De Stijl. Once inside its grand mansion, classic pieces of furniture like a LC3 Grand Chair, or one space like a Japanese room with several Hans Wegner Shell chairs take us by surprise when we study the enormous level of detail in every set. 
For a animated movie, The Incredibles has a considerable number of sets, just like an live movie, and that was a challenge from the begging, for the production team. The domestic, sub urban side of the Parr family was inspired by the work of Joseph EIler, while the spectacular architecture and surroundings for the bad guys of Syndrome, they turn to Oscar Nyemeyer for inspiration.
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