Hans Wegner’s Chairs: The CH29 Sawbuck Chair

Continuing the series of chairs designed by Hans Wegner, the Danish master creator of furniture and outstanding pieces like the Hans Wegner Shell Chair, let’s take now a look to the  CH29 Sawbuck Chair, one of the 300 spectacular chairs designed by this skillful artist.

The CH29 Sawbuck Chair is named this way due to its characteristic back support, with a design very similar to a woodcutter’s sawbuck and is closely associated with Wegner’s CH28 easy chair. They both work very well as dining chairs.

The CH29 Seabuck Chair, by Hans Wegner

As a curious fact, the CH29 Sawbuck Chair is not manufactured right now by the Hansen house, the traditional manufacturer of almost all creations of Hans Wegner. As most of the Wegner Chairs, they are made of solid beech or oak in a variety of wood finish options.

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