Hans Wegner’s Chairs: The Ox Chair, the Chair with sense of humor

The universe of Hans Wegner’s chairs has a wide scope. From simple, perfect sculptured chairs, to  large, comfortable lounge chairs, even with Presidencial  views. But not everything has to be so “dreadfully serious”, as Hans Wegner once said, and the Ox Chair is one stunning proposal for a comfortable and well relaxed experience.

The Ox Chair, a masterpiece like many other works of the Danish Artist, just like Hans Wegner Shell Chair., is a large lounge arm chair, with a very comfortable seat and backseat. Originally Ox Chair features molded polyurethane foam with chromed steel legs. The covers are fixed with piping at the arm and backrest. Considered as the ultimate lounge chair for gentleman, the Ox Chair has a very distinctive feature to stand out above any other lounge chair (or any chair): Its horns. Absolutely optional, it is rumored that the first models in 1960 were sold with or without horns. That is something that pairs with pervious statements by Hans Wegner, where he consider that you never should lose your sense of humor; and even less in the world of design.

Considered by many like the essence of masculinity, is well noticed that Wegner referred to the Ox Chair as one of its favorite works, and even a Picasso’s influence in the work of the creator of the Hans Wegner Shell Chair.

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