Hans Wegner’s Chairs: The Peacock Chair

Continuing with the series of Hans Wegner’s chairs, let’s take a look at one of its most colorful models: The Peacock Chair.

With a bumpy history, just like the Shell Chair, the Peacock Chair is one masterpiece ahead of its time at the moment of its creation. Designed in 1947, the Peacock Chair was never released into scale production in Hans Wegner’s lifetime, with just some artisan items produced

Nevertheless, Hans Wegner in its unflappable work rhythm experimented through the years with different materials and techniques to make its Peacock a perfect chair. It made an appearance in the Cabinet Makers’s Guild Association of 1953, where Hans presented its chair with a special upholstered edition.

 The Peacock came finally to the light in 2014, when the house PP Mobler decide it to re release it, with great success.

What’s the Peacock Chair like?

The Peacock Chair is a direct heiress  of the classic British Windsor chair. With a arched wide back seat made of sculptured spindles, it has all the classic characteristic features of Hans Wegner’s  wood Chairs:  It sculptured body, elegant shapes and its craftmanship, delicated backseat. Differently of the Winsor, the creation of Hans Wegner had flat spindles. Finn Juhl, a great designer and friend of Wegner suggested that this  flat spindle backreast was very much alike a full extended peacock tale, and this way the name of the chair was given.

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