Hans Wegner’s Chairs: The Swivel Chair

As we all know now, Working From Home, WFH,  is the new reality for many people around the world. The lockdowns and restrictions of transit come and go, and even though we are starting to see the light at the end of the tunnel, is very probably that lots of people stays in their homes, even in a definitive way.

In interior design, the home office is the answer to the request of WFH. For most of the people, a home office means a little spot on your place, with a desk, a chair, and maybe a storage facility. And the chair is a central element of your home workstation.

Hans Wegner, the creator behind classics like the Shell Chair, or the Ox Chair, made its bet on the subject of work chairs quite early in the mids of 1950s. The Swivel Chair was designed in 1955, as an answer to a plea of Eigill Snorrason, a Danish doctor that criticized the lack of ergonomics in the furniture design, while he attended a Danish Trade Show.

With a 4 wheel chromed tubular frame, a vegetal leather rounded seat and combined with a rounded wood low backrest, the Swivel Chair exhibits a very peculiar mix of materials, not very common in the work of  the Danish master. The signature mark is nevertheless in the backrest, with the characteristic sculptured shapes of Wegner’s work.

Jason Statham, the famous British actor, was recently portrayed by Architectural Digest, in its cozy and sober house of Malibu. He is obsessed with Danish furniture, and its home office has a Swivel Chair as one of the finest items. Actually, he seated there in the article’s main picture. One more fine example of how trendy is the creator of the Shell Chair, Hans Wegner.

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