Hans Wegner’s Shell Chair Design Analysis | Get To Know Its Features

Orange shell chair

Hans Wegner was a designer recognized for his great contributions to architecture and furniture design. He was born in 1914, showing his carpentry skills as a child as an apprentice cabinetmaker. This could be the first inspiration you use to create today’s blog star; the only Shell chair.

The Shell chair is a mid-century piece that was first created in 1963, this is a representation of an airy and dynamic concept recreated with simple materials. It has a slightly curved back made of oak molded plywood, it also shows an innovative three-legged stand and a frame where a winged seat reclined on a rounded leather-covered back.

This chair not only offers an aesthetic structure, it has much more to offer! In fact, full-grain Italian leather is included in the upper part and in the seat, to offer warm and comfortable support to the user.

An interesting fact about the shell chair is that it was not well received in the first place, it took years for it to be noticed and desired, this happened after the mid-century style greatly increased in popularity.

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