Historically Famous Mid-Century Chairs You Should Know Exist (I/II)

Get to know from the shell chair to LC2 chair, scroll down and watch these pieces’ description!

Throughout history there have been a host of different furniture designs, we’ve been through art deco, early modern, mid-century, modern, industrial, and much more. But a fact is that one of the aforementioned styles has been increasing in use over the years even though it is old. Yes, we are talking about mid-century style, all this movement has made people fall in love with it for its characteristics of simplicity and functionality that it evokes in its pieces.

So, as this style has been prolonged for so long and nowadays people love to implement at least a mid-century element within their decoration, today we are going to list a few chairs that you should meet and maybe eventually even include in your layout. Let’s begin!

Shell Chair, a model made by Hans J. Wegner

The shell chair is a deeply dynamic piece that evokes a look so aesthetic that you will fall in love in the first place. It is constructed of molded plywood with oak and walnut veneer, an excellent eco-leather padded seat, and a high-end backrest. Due to these perfect mcm characteristics, this chair has been recognized for a long period of time.

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