Historically Famous Mid-Century Chairs You Should Know Exist (II/II)

In the blog above, we talked about how mid-century modern style has grown over the years and we started the list by noting why the shell chair has been historically recognized. Now, it’s time to show you other of the most iconic models that you should know that exist or maybe you already know, let’s find out!

The iconic egg chair you perhaps have seen in movies

The Egg chair is by far one of the most iconic chair models out there. The chair is not just a revolutionary piece, it is an eye-catching and comfortable one. 

This piece has been featured in many movies that are famous for how it looks. Whether you are a lover of mid-century modernity or not, this chair can be included in a reading corner, a living room, or anywhere you want to enhance.

The LC2 chair, a Le Corbusier creation

Le Corbusier is recognized as one of the fathers of modernism, his thoughts, ambition, and versatility made him one of the most honored designers of the era. He created the LC collection that is still seen in movies, offices, and even sophisticated living rooms even today.