How many chairs are designed by Hans Wegner, creator of the Shell Chair?


Is a huge number. And not only in a quantitative way, but in a qualitative way, too. Hans Wegner was one of the most prolific driven forces of Mid Century Modern Style. Each one of these 500 chairs are legacy of beauty, functionality and creativity.

Hans Wegner was an unflagging worker that deployed an extensive career. Born in 1914, always showed talent for wood, even as a child and as an apprentice of a cabinet maker. While studied in the University of Copenhagen Wegner had the opportunity  of being contacted by Arne Jacobsen and Erik Moller,  essential figures of the scene of Danish Design, to assist them with designs for the Aarhus City Hall. From there, and after he established his own office of design,  the road for Wegner was paved of design after design of quality prototypes of chairs, many of them very successful. 

Hans Wegner astonishing legacy is based in a very depurated way of work, where simple and functional designs meet traditional methods of work, through carefully studied joinery techniques with sculptured forms, and above all a great respect for wood. 

Let’s take a look at some of the most recognizable chairs of this prolific creator.

The Wishbone Chair

Created in 1948, and produced without interruption since 1950, this is one of the most successful chairs ever designed, and one of the most successful of Hans Wegner. Its curvature, “Y” shaped seat/back and its carefully hand woven seat, its an impressive prototype of beauty, stability and comfort. 

“The Chair”

Its named frequently as the “rounded chair”, too. One chair that is a celebrity itself. Back in 1960 was selected to be the seat for the two candidates for the Presidency of the United States: John F. Kennedy and Richard Nixon. Since the is recognized as “The Chair”. Labeled as “the most beautiful chair in the world”, by the American magazine Interiors in 1950.

Its simple, rounded design with an unique piece for arms rest and back seat make it as staple in the world of design. I was created in 1950 and it has been in production since then.    

The Shell Chair

Created in 1963, the Hans Wegner Shell Chair, the Shell Chair has an aerial, dynamic design where noble oak and walnut are treated as bent plywood, supporting an innovative three legged frame where a winged seat reclined in a rounded covered leather back.

One outstanding original and light design, the Shell Chair wasn’t well received in 1963, when it was created, but in the middle of the 1990s, in the middle of the rising of Mid Century Modern style had a successful reintroduction in the market. 

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