How To Clean Your Florence Knoll Sofa In Leather Material: Disinfection

If you are a lover of classic pieces like me, you are surely worried about prolonging their useful life, and since they are so relevant properties it is very likely that obtaining them has been a bit difficult, this perhaps makes you want to take care of them more and establish the necessary conditions to avoid any damage.

Today we are going to share with you amazing tips for you to clean your Florence Knoll Sofa. We have separated the article into two pieces; one for disinfection and the other for cleaning stains.

Let’s begin with the tips for the Florence Knoll sofa disinfection in leather material.

Note: it is important that you only use these tips for leather sofa materials because for fabric sofa you should follow other procedures. 

Disinfecting a leather Florence Knoll sofa:

  • Prepare a cleaning solution, my preferred solution is composed of water ad vinegar in equal parts.
  • Vert the solution in a bottle.
  • Prepare the sofa by removing dust, and any particle placed on the surface, with a vacuum cleaner.
  • Spray the solution into a piece of cloth and start wiping the dirty areas of the leather surface.
  • After wiping the dirty areas, use another dry cloth to wipe and finish the procedure.