How To Select An Accent Chair That Best Suits You | Quick Guide (I/II)

Well if you clicked on the title, you are a person who likes to organize and think before buying, right? If so, congratulations! Not everyone takes pre-purchase planning into account or knows how important it is.

Acquiring furniture that adapts to your lifestyle and needs is one of the decisions that will influence the success of your decorations. Today we have brought you a guide on how to choose the perfect accent chair according to your tastes and lifestyle.

LC2 Chair from Manhattan Home Design.

Accent chairs are those pieces that are arranged to – as their name indicates – accentuate or enhance a space. These also add a feeling of exclusivity to the user as they generally come with different features. Let’s see which are the models and which one should be used in your case.

Armchair – LC2 Chair

The armchair is perhaps the most popular accent chair and is based on two lateral supports for the arms – hence its name – offering comfort for the whole body including the arms.

A great example of an armchair is the Le Corbusier chair or the LC2 chair. It is upholstered in full-grain leather and filled with high-density foam.
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