How To Select An Accent Chair That Best Suits You | Quick Guide (II/II)

In the previous blog we talked about one of the types of accent chairs and we described the LC2 chair as an example. Now is the time to move on to the other two types of popular accent chairs. Scroll down and get to know them!

Lounge chairs – Womb Chair

By reading the name, you can predict its structure. The armchairs, as their name implies, refer to those pieces to rest and be in a relaxing position. Since they are intended for you to be relaxed, they are specially created and used to provide pleasant comfort.

A great example of an armchair is the Womb armchair. This is a mid-century design that offers a laid-back design with a sloped back and a place to rest your feet. They come in a very fine fabric material and you can find them in many color variations such as green, red, black, and gray.

Scandinavian chairs – Shell Chair

Scandivian chair frames tend to be streamlined, simple yet elegant. They show very delicate lines and details that make the whole piece visually attractive.

An example of this is the beautiful Shell chair.