Iconic Chairs That Villains Have Used In Movies (I/II)

Villains are usually the hated characters in movies, but accept it or not, they have tremendous flair! These characters always show them in a somewhat dark but authentic style, they sit them on striking furniture and use the accessories most desired by the other characters. To mention one example, in the movie Zoolander, one of Will Farrell’s villains is often remembered for sitting in his majestic white Egg chair. And like this, there are many cases.

In today’s blog we will show you a series of chairs that have even become famous for having appeared together with the villains of the movies. Let us begin!

The Egg chair – Zoolander

In case you haven’t remembered which scene we previously talked about in Zoolander movie, is the following one:

Source: INFURN

We have unlocked a memory right? Well, the chair in the pictureIt is the iconic creation of Arne Jacobsen, a Danish designer and architect who built it for a hotel grand opening. 

Not only has he appeared in the Zoolander film, he has also appeared in the James Bond film, which is one of the most famous agent films out there even today.

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