Iconic Chairs That Villains Have Used In Movies (II/II)

In the previous blog, we talked about one of the most iconic chairs used in movies which was the classic Egg chair. Now, is time to show you a variation of an Egg chair that was used in the famous movie; Austin Powers.

The Egg chair (black) – Austin Powers

Austin Powers has become a classic series of American spy action comedy films that stars Dr. Evil as the film’s villain. This character is recognized for spending most of the movie sitting in his majestic black leather chair. The thing is, this is also an Egg chair, did you know?

Source: New Line Cinema

His Egg chair has slight differences but the main feature, which is a high-backed swivel, are still there. 

The Ox chair – Austin Powers

This chair is part of the Dr. Evil chair collection. As you can see, it also shows a high back that demonstrates superiority and power. The black leather is also a key element to complement the raw vibe these villains have.

Did you know about these chairs? Comment below which one was your favorite.