Ideas With Modern Furniture That You Can Implement Under Your Stairs (I/II)

If you are picky like me, maybe you have presented yourself with uncomfortable spaces like the empty walls behind the sofa, the boring entrance, or the most constant and annoying of all; the uncomfortable space under the stairs … Yes, maybe you think I’m exaggerating a bit, but the truth is that when you deal with all the corners and are aware of all the details, that is when you really get an incredible design! This is why today we will help you get rid of the last uncomfortable space that we mentioned; the one under the stairs.

Our protagonist below is nothing more and nothing less than the Shell chair. This is a chair with an amazing streamlined and elegant design which will make your empty space a warm and welcoming place. We have decided to present this chair due to the open structure and organic lines that it has to offer, these two characteristics make it an incredible option to decorate spaces of this style. How can you use it? Very easy! You can place two of these chairs to create a corner for reading, tea, or simply relaxation. Here you can sit and talk in a more private way, read comfortably and even relax when you get home.

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