Implement 2020 Fall Trends With Your Barcelona Loveseat (I/II)

This year brought us new experiences, including spending more time in our homes than we might want, so if you were struggling and wanting to find a new vibe and layout for your d├ęcor, this fall is the perfect time to establish the new space and air you want!

Fall is all about a calm and warm environment, this can be reached with simple additions like earth colors, richer textures, details that invoke a cozy and comfortable feeling. Today we are going to show you the best ways to implement these features in the room with your Barcelona loveseat.

Earthy colors to follow a general and fall trend

Earth colors are at the top of the trends now, and as fall is here, this trend will increase due to the season. Take advantage of the trend and add an olive green, ocher yellow, or burnt orange tones to your walls and furniture.

For example, if you have a white Barcelona loveseat, you can add burnt orange throw pillows and maybe olive green plants around it. Check this similar example:

Source: The Beauty Revival

These two colors blend themself perfectly and invite you to sit while chilling and taking some coffee.