Include These DIY Home Accent Ideas In Your Boho Decoration  (I/II): Intro To Boho

Relaxed, original, comfortable, romantic, and with a bit of a hippie influence, the boho style has undoubtedly been a buzz in recent years. Its appearance has caught the attention of many interior designers, placing it among one of the favorite styles to decorate from houses to apartments.

The boho style can be quite easy to obtain without the need of an excessive budget. Normally when we are decorating we usually invest the most part of the money in the modern sofa or furniture in general, and that is fine! But because of this, it can become necessary to cut the budget for the rest of the accessories and home accents. This is why we have created today’s section! Where we will show you simple ways to complement your modern sofa and other pieces of furniture. Let us begin!

Source: Pinterest

Imagine that you already have your centerpiece in the room you want to decorate, for example, a Togo sofa in your living room. What would come next? Yes, you decorate around it, but how can you do it? You can start by adding lamps and shelves made of natural materials. These two things are the main option when it comes to complementing a living room.

Click on the link to show you how boho DIY home accents looks like!