Include These DIY Home Accent Ideas In Your Boho Decoration (I/II): Pinterest Pics

In the previous blog, we talked about what boho decoration was and which two options are the main ones to select when you are decorating with the fundamentals of this style. Now is time to show you how the aforementioned ideas look like.


Since the idea is to decorate around your modern sofa like the Mario Bellini or the aforementioned one, you can do it by placing bamboo lamps.

They are bamboo lamps. Bamboo is a very versatile material that you can use to create different shapes depending on the size and appearance that you like. It is very easy to find and you do not need to spend a large budget on it. So, take your bulbs and start to surround them with bamboo.

The second idea we mentioned in previous blogs was to include bookshelves. But not any, honeycomb shelves. Look how beautiful they are!


Honeycomb shelves have that hexagonal shape that makes them visually appealing. Create them with a fine, light wood and place your little accessories like candles or succulents.