Join The Fall Season By Styling Your Barcelona Bench With Pumpkins

The fall season, also known as autumn, is one of the most beautiful of the four seasons due to its weather and warm vibe. Fall represents the transition from summer to winter, and it normally starts in September and finishes in December so if you haven’t started your fall decoration, don’t worry about it you’re on time!

Features of fall decoration

  1. Pumpkins: these are the icon symbol of the autumn season because this time is when the pumpkin harvest comes in, so it’s one of the symbolic vegetables of that time of year. 

You can implement them by adding a couple of small and big pumpkins on your Barcelona bench, in addition, to throw pillows or any other warm color item. Check this image to take it as inspiration:

fall decor on bench
Source: Better Homes & Gardens 

  1. Colors: the warm palette definitely represents the fall season, they include colors such as red; yellow, light brown, dark brown, gold, burgundy, purple, olive green, among others. Take a look at the color palette we have placed below:
warmcolor palette
Source: Sarah Renae Clark

  1. Galvanized Planters

Rustic elements like this one will help you to set the farm environment that autumn represents.

Which was your favorite idea to decorate? Comment below!