Mid-Century Chairs: Low, Medium & High Budgets Sites Where You Can Acquire Them (I/II)

Acquiring modern pieces from the middle of the century is not an easy task in today’s times because you do not have the freedom to leave the house due to the quarantine it is difficult to find a reliable site which has a physical and online store.

However, there are multiple stores that due to the pandemic have created a friendly process online in which you can purchase your pieces with just a couple of clicks. These sites have long been interested in that the user can have a comfortable experience from home.

Mid-century chairs just as an Egg chair or a Florence Knoll armchair can be found at places in different presentations. Today we are going to show you three different places where you can acquire pieces like the aforementioned. 

Low-Medium budget

This category we have combined because you can find pieces in both ranges.

Manhattan Home Design is a place where it is focused on selling replicas from famous designers like Florence Knoll or Mies van der Rohe. Here you will find iconic mid-century and modern pieces.

Click to see high budget sites for mid-century chairs.