Mid-Century Chairs: Low, Medium & High Budgets Sites Where You Can Acquire Them (II/II)

In the previous blog, we talked about places where you can buy pieces with a low and medium budget.

Now is the time to talk about a different situation.

Compared to the example on the previous site mentioned which was Manhattan Home Design, in case you are on a big budget and want the original piece, there are a few manufacturers who take care about offering the original design piece.

Since we are talking about mid-century chairs, let’s take for example a situation where you want to purchase a Womb chair, the original piece designed by Eero Saarinen.

In this case, it would be convenient to visit the original manufacturer of the design itself, in the case of the womb chair, the company in charge of manufacturing them is no more and no less than Knoll.

Knoll is recognized for being the manufacturer of many iconic pieces such as the aforementioned, the Florence Knoll armchair and sofa, the Barcelona chair and sofa, and more Saarinen pieces.

Have you ever tried one of these places? Comment below!