Mid-Century Modern Ideas To Decorate Your Home Office During Quarantine (II/II)

In the previous blog, we showed you a very simple example of a home office, with a Womb chair and a side table. That is a perfect option when you are involved in writing work as you will only need your laptop and creativity. On the other hand, the Womb chair is capable of fitting any job requirements since it is ergonomic, comfy and is made of very durable materials. You can find it in two versions; the fabric and the leather one. So it’s not only a comfortable piece but it is also a versatile one since it fits your tastes and needs.

It’s important to mention that when choosing your furniture remember to try to fit your needs as depending on the job you will need a different configuration. Now, in case you like a more colored layout and you have a different job that requires a desk support, here is another option:

Source: copycatchic.com

In this setting, there’s a very distinctive mid-century desk with just the right wood tone and a very iconic eames chair that is trending right now. The implemented colors are a bit more vivid than the previous design, but are still neutral and make the room feel calm.