Modern Sofas & Home Accents With Extra Storage You Should Have In Your Small Condo (I/II)

Having a small space as a home can sometimes be a bit tedious to decorate, however, you should not worry because in the world of interior design there is a solution for all spaces of different styles and sizes.

The main trick that multiple interior designers give is that when decorating a small space like a condo, you should mainly consider functional pieces that allow you to show your character while offering more of a function if possible. Today we have listed for you one of the best options for a modern sofa when you have a reduced area to decorate and home accents with extra space that will become essential elements within your condo.

Mario Bellini sofá, the customizable piece

The Mario Bellini sofa is a modular sofa that offers the incredible feature of being customizable. This means that you can configure it as you want! Imagine a soft and comfy sofa that can be separated and you can order all the pieces as you want. This is what offers you the amazing Camaleonda sofa.

Besides its functionality it is upholstered with aniline leather and filled with a very thick foam. 

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