Modern Sofas & Home Accents With Extra Storage You Should Have In Your Small Condo (II/II)

In the previous blog, we introduced you to some of the main fundamentals that interior designers use when decorating small condos. We talked about the best modern sofa called the Camaleonda sofa and we showed you how its customizable features can help in reduced spaces. 

Now, is time to see a list of incredible home and functional home accents that originally came with extra storage. Let ‘s begin!

Fairground Coffee Table

With the Fairground coffee table you will be able to display and organize books and magazines in the way you want because it features a black lacquered steel frame with three removable storage baskets and a solid pine wood top. Positioned on four left-right mobile steel wheels, this coffee table has a kind of vintage and mid-century style so if you love those layouts from the gold years you will want this table. 

Plus! This will look stunning in front or next to your Mario Bellini sofa.

Mirrors with shelves are a must

Mirrors can offer more than just showing your reflection, they are also the perfect home accents to store your essentials. You can even decorate it with a indoor plant and it will look very gorgeous just like the example below: