Notes from the Barcelona Chair: More Trends 2021

A new review of the current trends in Interior Design show us what trends are consolidating and what trends are fading in this new year. Some trends that we have watched during all 2020 seems to be very clear, according to several sources. Let’s continue with our review:

Vintage Vibes

Nostalgia is always a recurrent practice in Interior Design. It’s just matter of choosing the right trend. While one of the major Interior Design major forces, like Mid Century Modern,  that has a strong influence of the 1960s and continues as a key player in Interior Design.  several sources comment about a nostalgic return to 1970s furniture, just like some the 1990s street art/ urban style. 

Smart Furniture

Will be 2021 the year when multi-functional furniture make the crossover and became a worldwide trend? Nowadays, people is still deeply attached to more classic traditional forms of design, and pieces like the Barcelona Chair keep it as the center of the stage, based on beauty and functionality in spite of lacking technology.

Open Concept

Open space is a concept that is going to stay for a while. An open house allows you to stay for several hours in one room while you can see what’s happening in other room. This is specially useful in a house with kids and pets, and its a practice that will be stronger in the future with the enhancement  of teleworking. 


Plants are now all over the place, especially green plants, so is not a surprise if color green takes more and more presence in our places. Green color has many virtues of its own: Its cool, but it give us warm feelings. Reminds of nature and it can be pretty elegant in several tones. 


With the current advances in manufacture, glass foldable walls are looking to become the next sensation. A sustainable material, beautiful and resistant, glass will allow you to enjoy your whole space with perfect vision and safety for you and your family.

Light wood

A trend surged in the 2020 and it looks consolidated for 2021. Light wood (Rattan, wicker, cane) is the new sensation, and there are a lot of proposals, for indoor and outdoor spaces, in furniture, with classic pieces like chairs, sofas; or with décor items, like baskets, plant pots and so on. 

Get yourself the opportunity of receiving 2021 with the experience of a great piece of design in Barcelona Design, the alternative in Mid Century Modern Style, with great renditions such as the Barcelona Sofa and the Hans Wegner Shell Chair. Time pass but classic remains.