One Of These Modern Sofas Will Enhance Your Scandinavian/Boho Design (I/II)

Today we will show you two fabulous sofas that incredibly improve the designs of living rooms that have boho or Scandi styles. These two styles; the Scandinavian and the boho, are normally combined since they fit perfectly and share similar characteristics. One of the characteristics that both have in common is open spaces, the addition of natural details, earthy and neutral colors, and the similarity that even furniture can become.

In this section we will talk about the Togo sofa. A piece indicated for either of these two styles, even if you have combined them. This sofa is not like any other, since the main difference that can be noticed is the absence of its legs. The sofa gives an illusion of not having them but they are covered by the upholstery.


On the other hand, one of the things that people love the most about this sofa, in addition to looking like a giant beanbag, is that it is fully lined with aniline leather, a premium leather which tends to be recognized for offering a natural appearance. It also commonly shows darker hues of the original leather.

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