Prepare Your Guests Room With A Barcelona Daybed & More (II/II)

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Now that we have explained why to choose a replica on an original Barcelona daybed, it is important that you know the characteristics that you will have with this beautiful piece, and here you have them:

A soft and durable leather – The cover of the entire Barcelona daybed is made of Italian full-grain leather, full-grain leather is the “highest quality leather that money can buy, it refers to the leathers that have been sanded, polished, or inhaled. The grain remains giving strength and originality to the leather ”.

Because of how difficult it is to find this leather on the market because it is a bit difficult to obtain from manufacturers, this is one of the factors that makes it so authentic.

Polished Tubular Stainless Steel Legs – This is one of the eye-catching elements that the daybed has, this is perfect when you have or like steel accents.

Various colors available – If you already have other elements to have in mind, the color of the couch will not be a problem because having many colors available will make it easy to combine with your current design.

See the advantages of having a Barcelona Daybed replica at your guest’s room!

Setting up your guest room for your loved ones can turn – believe it or not- into a pleasant experience. This is one of the activities that while we are getting old we enjoy even more because there is something delightful about making your family and friends feel welcome and comfortable. 

When planning your guest room decoration you should picture which elements you find at good-quality hotels and take this as some kind of inspiration to know where to start and which element you would like to add according to the arrangement you take as inspiration.

Choose a replica and save some money!

Your budget doesn’t need to be super large, by adding a couple of accessories and furniture you will be ready to go! 

Regarding the furniture that you can add to your guest’s room, a couple of good quality replicas may be the best choice for you. 

As you won’t use this room too often -neither your guests- you can place nice and functional replicas pieces in the room, in this way you can still express that elegant vibe you want by maintaining the stability of your wallet.

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3 Key Tips To Set Up Your Workspace With The Eames Office Chair

Well. You already have it. You got the Eames Office Chair, one of the most suitable office chairs you could dream of. Now, you’re wondering what aspects to improve within your workspace. Pay attention to these 3 key tips that will surely be very helpful:

1.- Optimized space. Nothing works well in a poorly organized environment. Make sure that you’re not adding items that you really don’t need or that are going to occupy a relevant space in a useless way. Your Eames Office Chair deserves a decent spot.

2.- Colors can change everything. If you’ve ever had the chance to check it out, you may have noticed the surprising difference between an office decorated in opaque colors and an office surrounded by intense and vivid colors. Find the perfect color balance to work with on your Eames Office Chair.

3.- Plants: your best co-workers. A workspace with some natural potted plants is a friendlier, oxygenated, green, lively, and interesting space. Don’t underestimate all that plants can do for you while spending several hours on your Eames Office Chair.

Remember that the most important thing is that you add your personal touch to any kind of office you want to have. The Aluminum Group collection by Manhattan Home Design has the perfect Eames Office Chair replica for your personalized office among its many options: Eames Management Chair replica, Eames Ribbed Chair replica, Eames Soft Pad replica, among others.

The Flag Halyard Chair: a Design That Deserves a Place of Honor in Your Home

The number of elements that must be considered when it comes time to design a space can be overwhelming for many. However, following the general guidelines of the decorating style that has been chosen is usually a good way to take the first steps to achieve satisfactory results. A remarkable piece like the Flag Halyard Chair can be key to giving the most forceful touch to a very basic or sparse configuration. Probably, your area is not functional enough according to the number of people who normally use it and the relationship of this with other key items, such as sofa, coffee table, lamp, sideboard, etc.

Unlike other decorative chairs that are not designed to be used for very long periods, the Flag Halyard Chair is a piece that was conceived as a chair dedicated to relaxation. And although it’s so simple in appearance, its sheepskin cover gives it a touch of class and unmatched style. It’s surprising how some products like the Flag Halyard Chair replica by Manhattan Home Design are virtually identical to the original piece, both in terms of material and overall measurements and design.

Finding the ideal spot for your Flag Halyard Chair reproduction can be a challenge if you have too much furniture and fixtures in your home. Either way, never forget that, like other Mid-Century Modern style models, it’s a highly functional piece that can officially become your favorite chair.

What Can You Do On Fall To Improve Your Barcelona Table (II/II)

Note: we recommend you to read the previous article about ways to improve your Barcelona table.

As you read in the previous article, the fall has its own particular flowers, so let’s start by one of the most recognized and easy plants to find to put on your Barcelona table.


This is a houseplant in cold-weather regions which can also grow without any problem as annual, so if you want to implement it after fall won’t be any problem. By choosing the croton its flamboyant foliage in rich hues of red, orange, yellow, and purple.

Plus! You mix different varieties to find the perfect match for your home decor.

Cyclamen Hederifolium

The exotic name is as exotic as its appeal. Put a popular hardy perennial, cyclamen hederifolium blooms on your Barcelona table replica if you like the pastel and soft tones.


This kind of plant grows annual too so you don’t have to worry about it if you fall in love of it. Flowering in shades of purple, pink, white, and blue, asters offers a very rich color palette. 

Plus: If you are a bee lover as much as I am, this is a favorite flower to feed bees and butterflies in fall.

What Can You Do On Fall To Enhance Your Barcelona Table (I/II)

Your coffee table is more important than you may think it is, this furniture piece helps the living room to turn alive! How? By creating a spot where your family and friends talk and eat together. This is where you put your drink on or place some fashion magazines.

The coffee table functions are numerous and you can play with them!

The Barcelona table is such an iconic piece that deserves some dedication to its decoration. As it is a very neutral coffee table we can take advantage of it.

Scroll down to see how!

Today we wanted to share with you a couple of ways that you can take as an inspiration to create the focal point that will give to the living room a twist by turn it out into a comfy and warm place. 

All the examples below are influenced by one of the most loveable seasons of all… Yes, you guess, the fall!

Fall has its own features that characterize other seasons like color, decoration, and type of flowers, this last is what we are going to focus today. 

So enough of our introduction and click to see the plants you can add in fall.

The Eames Office Chair Is The Perfect Design For Transitional Offices

Striking the balance between the classic appeal and the modern feel of today’s office spaces has led professional decorators and interior designers to combine elements, trends, aesthetic features, colors, and a myriad of interrelated elements to adapt the modern office to changes in the world. The trend towards classic and traditional has always been in the world of fashion and this is one of the reasons why the Eames Office Chair has remained at the peak of popularity for so many years as one of the better knowns and requested office chairs by users and professional office decorators worldwide.

Imagine a very, very old office, with brick walls, which has undergone a radical restoration but they have decided to leave certain spaces uncovered, as a sign of the yesteryear’s glory. For this type of work environment, which aesthetically combines the old with the new, the Aluminum Group collection and the number of replicas of these chairs that exist on the market, such as those from Manhattan Home Design, are especially convenient. The collection includes pieces such as the Eames Management Chair replica, the Eames Ribbed Chair replica, and the Eames Soft Pad replica.

Lighting based on modern and minimalist accessories, work areas designed, configured, installed especially for teamwork, interaction, and dynamism, sophisticated desks with all kinds of modern technological connections that facilitate the performance of office workers, and other features are part of today’s office infrastructures. However, an Eames Office Chair replica will always be the order of the day to meet your most urgent professional ergonomic needs.

A Modern Sofa Could Be a Great Reflection of Your Personality

The list of options when it comes to choosing a modern sofa seems endless, even when you seem more determined by a trend or choosing a certain style of sofa. Don’t be surprised if upon entering the store, and after stumbling upon leather sofas or a modern sectional, your convictions are questioned and you begin to think that, perhaps, the sofa you had in mind is not exactly the one you wanted. The list is very diverse and, in this sense, it’s more convenient to evaluate all the available options before making a decision. Remember that it’s not only about what you want but also what you need.

Size is one of the first things to consider. The best sofas don’t necessarily have to have very large dimensions to stand out and be quality products. The choice should be made based directly on the architectural properties of the area where you are going to place it. You need to take into account the decorating style that you’re going to adopt too, whether it’s minimalist, maximalist, if you’ll have many elements in your floor plan or simply the most basic ones. Materials, finishes, and colors are also essential features when choosing your modern sofa. A leather-upholstered midcentury sofa will probably look great but if you have pets it might not be the most convenient. Also, remember that there are many types of sofas depending on the number of users who will normally use it.

Whichever modern sofa you choose, you’ll be giving your living room an updated and sophisticated touch. Make sure that the piece you choose is a reflection of your personality, your tastes, and that it’s consistent with the rest of the environment.

The Coffee Table Can Fit Your 90’s Style Options (I/II)

  1. Don’t underrate the dar wooden cabinets

Dark wooden accents are back! You just need to know how to mix with them. 

For example, an all-white kitchen with plenty of natural light is the perfect canvas to add these elements. Plus! You can also take into consideration the advice from Crown Point, where it says that white quartz countertops neutralize the otherwise-harsh effect, and a subway tile backsplash provides timeless-but-modern style.

  1. Primary colors are the palette you must choose to get into

By having the Barcelona table replica or original -depending on your budget- you won’t have a problem in following this retro suggestion of colors, due to the neutrality that this amazing table shows.

Remember that these colors include: yellow, red, and blue. Bid for them and catch everyone’s eyes.

  1. We leave the best in the end…

Yes! You will love this hidden treasure. Do you remember when we were kids and watching movies like the fifth element? Those neon elements definitely take us back to that movie and time.

So don’t be afraid to show confidence and authenticity by adding such an attractive element like a neon sign.

Plus! If you don’t know how to choose the colors, take as an inspiration the colors of your walls.

The Coffee Table Can Fit Your 90’s Style Options (I/II)

The ’90s are still loved for some people, even if they were not the most loveable style trend.

Back in the days, these elements were about plenty of accessories, printed multi-colored cotton fabric printed with an enamel finish throughout, Tuscan style inspiration and the cherry on top; the inflatable furniture where the teenagers sat while having long talks with their platonic love.

You imagine all the above when reading 90’s right? But wait! That’s not the only thing that represents this cool style, actually, it has some hidden treasures hidden.

If you are part of that group of people who still loves retro vibes, don’t worry, we got you -insert blinks eye- because today we have found those hidden treasures for you to take advantage of it and enhance any area of your house by implementing this amazing recompilation. 

So, how the black eyes peas used to say: let’s get started!

  1. Decorate your Barcelona table – Fake last more…

In those days the dried and plastic flower were a must-have in any coffee table or any other furnishing they want. Try to add these accents to your Barcelona table and see how it will help you to travel through time.