3 Family Friendly Sofas With Different Styles | Get a 10% Of Discount! (II/II)

We would like you to read the previous post in case you haven’t in order to fully enjoy the following information. In the previous post, we talked about which factors consider families when acquiring sofas, now it’s time to keep going and talk about the other two sofas we have selected for you and have a discount this Christmas. 

The Mario Bellini is the striking piece your family will love

The Mario Bellini sofa is the perfect piece for those families who like modernism and like to stand out from the crowd because this different Camaleonda sofa will attract the attention of all your visitors due to its structure and the different look it emanates. 

You can find this piece in two presentations; in leather and fabric. The version in leather comes in aniline which is a type of leather dyed exclusively with soluble dyes. The dye colors the leather without producing the uniform surface of topcoat paint.  

The Togo sofa if you like the modern/boho vibe

This is a more informal sofa which gives a more relaxing vibe.

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Woodrow Box Skandi Sofa: Your Favorite Vintage Piece

The wise say that fashions are a never-ending cycle, an endless circle of styles, tastes, and collective preferences that repeat themselves over and over again over time. When you look at a model like the Woodrow Box Skandi sofa, you immediately realize that it’s a design that helps you better understand those cyclical repetitions and how they last over time.

Although modernism had its full height between the 1930s and 1960s, the truth is that the 1970s is still remembered as a season of great fashionista passions, in which experimentation took things to the next level, even in the world of furniture design.

Sometimes it’s difficult to say that a single piece of furniture directly reflects the most salient aspects of a fashion; especially if it’s a modern sofa, taking into account that there are many models that, together, make up a wide and varied catalog. Users look for in a midcentury sofa what they would expect from any other piece of furniture: that it can successfully meet their functional and aesthetic needs.

In this sense, the Woodrow Box Skandi sofa is both a high-quality product and a gorgeous design, with tanned leather upholstery, comfy cushions, and a reinforced structure with a geometric look inspired by the style of those years.

Discover the greatness of this design and surround it with a decor that’s the living reflection of the 70s’ modern magic to give your living room a delicious vintage aura.

Does décor add value to your home

In the world of real state, sometimes people ask about the impact and value of décor in their property.  As it is reasonable every owner is interested to invest and make the value of its property grow.

To create an extra garage is something that may increase the final price of your value, since it creates a parking  place additional where it wasn’t any. But what about décor? Does it has sense?

The value of merchandising

Decorating a house doesn’t add “value” to a house, meaning an increase in the price of the property. That price depends on other elements, like location, traffic and general status of the property.

Nevertheless, a good décor generates interest, traffic around your show, and people tend to stay and enjoy more visiting your property. You may consider décor less an investment that a sales expense, but a very valuable one.

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How does a trendy living room look like?

Right now, some trends are consolidating while others are getting out of the market. But is very probable that if we enter in a recently opened house, we will see some hot trends, popular everywhere.

That’s why is good to ask ourselves, what we will see in a trendy apartment, right now? Let try to figure an answer.

First of all, its convenient to clarify that  “trendy” means  what is considered popular and expected to be seen frequently in the near future. So, what are we going to find in a trending flat?

As a base of a palette of color, neutral colors are still on range. Though year after year several designers announce the end of the use of the eternal clear grey, beige or white, reality is that these sempiternal hues continue to be a favorite for many people, especially due to the high levels of popularity that still  have décor styles like Mid Century Modern, Scandinavian or Coastal Living.

So, you will probably find neutral colors in the walls. Clear grey (Pantone) or Urbane Bronze (Sherwin Williams) are the referral hues this year, when it comes to walls. But is expected too a major use another hues. So if you want to go full trendy, take a step forward and forget about neutrals.

But color is taking over of furniture too. What we consider trendy in furniture, must have rounded shapes and colorful hues. Two-seats solutions (Loveseats), are gaining ground over three seats traditional sofas or couches. Trendy rugs have geometric patterns, and are Moroccan (Beni Ouarian): Thick, high pile.

To create an accent, you can go with classic design pieces: Mid Century Modern, or Scandinavian pieces, like a Hans Wegner Shell Chair, or a Barcelona Chair. They bring prestige, beauty and the timeless element, in a dynamic contrast between the new and old styles.

But beyond furniture and colors, what else are we supposed to find? The answer is out there: Nature. Think about plants. Especially green plants, and in medium size. Whether in a corner, hanging or graciously placed on shelves, your place and your health will benefit of feeling the presence of Aloe Vera, Snake Plant, and so many others.

But the presence of Nature has to do with some other features, like light wood pieces. Wicker, Rattan, Cane, all will make it big in our living rooms, whether as center tables, side tables, pots, and of course as furniture. In a more harmoniously set up, brown and green are gaining a ground on their own.

If you want to stay   on the top of the trends, you can be part of the marvel and feel inspired by Mid Century Modern furniture, with master pieces like the Barcelona Chair and the Hans Wegner Shell Chair, with Barcelona Design.

Le Corbusier Furniture: The LC2 Sofa Is The Sophisticated & Fittable Piece For Your Small Room

Have you ever come across an apartment or small house where you want to furnish but maybe you can’t find the right piece? I was in the same situation as you and thank heaven I was able to get a fitting piece in my little apartment. Today I want to present to you the small but coolest two-seater sofa which is also a classic modern piece. Let’s describe this beauty!

The LC2 Sofa is all your living room needs

The LC2 sofa is part of the “Cushions Baskets” collection presented by one of the fathers of modernism; Le Corbusier. He was a very prominent designer who in the company of two other designers created a very complete and elegant collection where the LC2 sofa is the most desired element of the entire collection. You might be wondering why, and it’s basically due to the classic and sophisticated look these pieces have. 

The sofa has a beautiful natural shine due to the fact that it is lined with aniline leather, besides, it is filled with dense foam, which provides extreme comfort. 

What do you think of the LC2 sofa, comment below!

The Ophelia Bed: a Perfect Piece For Your Bichromatic Decor

The bichromatic style has gained greater acceptance in recent times, and it’s estimated that it will be one of the great decorating trends of 2021. However, the truth is that many people don’t know it and don’t know exactly why it would benefit their bedroom, in which it has their Ophelia bed, or that modern living room for which they have bought several iconic pieces.

However, it isn’t a secret for any professional interior designer that the bichromatic style is the perfect solution in many cases, and the feasible method to make a platform bed frame look with all the splendor of its aesthetic characteristics.

The basics of the bichromatic style are as simple as its name implies: it simply consists of designing interior spaces using only two colors, which are usually a light and a dark tone, or a cold and a warm hue, to generate an interesting contrast that can be visible in the whole environment.

In this sense, a wood bed frame that has a style defined by a predominant color, such as the Ophelia bed with its upholstery in an interesting neutral tone, is a perfect piece to let creativity fly with this trend.

Imagine for a moment that your modern bed frame is part of a decor defined by the contrast between a neutral tone and some intense tone. That tone could be dark brown, black, or some bold color associated with the Mid-Century Modern style, such as violet, red, or yellow.

The bichromatic style is just one of the possibilities with which your mid-century bed frame can shine in all its splendor. It can be part of a visually balanced environment, capable of awakening your admiration and well-being every time you use it.

The Egg Chair Creator: Interesting Facts About Arne Jacobsen

Finally, we have brought you a few interesting facts about one of the favorites furniture designers of contemporary style, yes! The one and only Arne Jacobsen. He is widely recognized as a very influential figure in Scandinavian, one of the most famous designers when it comes to contemporary style, and last but no least the Egg chair creator.

Scroll down and get to know why is Arne Jacobsen so loved!

1. He originally wanted to be a painter

On that occasion, Arne Jacobsen was fortunate that his father’s decisions were “wise and calculated” since he was the one who decided the career he was going to study. The situation is interesting because normally parents are not the ones who should decide the professional trajectory of their children, but in this case, it resulted in a resounding success making it an icon in furniture design.

2. He won several awards

Thanks to her well-earned awards, she boosted his career. One of the defining awards for success and recognition was the Danish Association of Architects for their “House of the Future” design.

3. He was the mind behind the Egg chair

The Egg chair is his most iconic creation, offering features such as 

  • High-density Cushioning
  • Swivels and Tilt Lock
  • Curvature-true fiberglass shell
  • PU-injected foam wrapped in synthetic Dacron silk

Staging your Home with the Style of your Shell Chair

Your home is “coming out” . The moment of renting or sell it has arrived. If you want to do this successfully There are some tips that we can share, with some essential tips you must keep in mind, if you really want .


A strong, unexpected, unpleasant smell easily can generate a quick rejection from potential customers. Nasty smells are associated with poor hygiene  and diseases, logically. But besides strong smells, there are a series of “daily basis smells” that can be very unpleasant for new visitors, but completely unnoted for the usual owner. Do you have pets? Kids? Any alligator at home? They can be a source of funny smells that you barely notice. What experts advice: Take a friend of yours to your place and ask for a honest opinion.


Proportion, always proportion. The golden rule for interior designers applies equally with renters, owners. A place with disproportioned furniture will always led to talk (not the good talk we want to hear). Small rugs, gigantic rugs on steroids,  too much white and neutral colors, or too strong tones, that all could lead to a unpleasant experience. A balanced décor is key to visitors so they can see the strengths of your place without interferences.


A good lighting is a wonderful tool to create a good impression. Natural light has no substitute, and all the means available to supply it must be used. Get rid of curtains, blinds. Especially when it comes to rent or sell, customers want to see their property as clear is possible. And don’t skimp on artificial light, especially for the main rooms: Diner room, kitchen, living room.

Design Furniture

Maybe if you have a property for your own use, you will have a different expectation, but when it comes to renting or buying, a potential customer enjoys terribly to see its spaces to the best they can look. That is a great hook. Experienced renters know it since long time ago, and that’s why the tend to rely on replicas to bring the best impression. A good quality replica allows to show a great, elegant view of the room, for a fraction of the price. An excellent design piece, like the Barcelona Design rendition of the Hans Wegner Shell Chair, will make quite a statement.


“Oh what a lovely room, and so illuminated”

“I am glad you like it, come inside”

“Oh, what a wonderful closet, I would like to see it inside, let’s open it…”


And then a dirty clothes bag falls down. Don’t forget to clean your principal closets, especially if your closet is beautiful and large, because they always call the attention.

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The Hans Wegner Shell Chair is Timeless Quality

In times of uncertainly, like the one we are living right now, people tend to look for security. Classics will always be a source of inspiration and eternal beauty.

That’s why a Hans Wegner Shell Chair is a great option when it comes to accent pieces. With all the charm and glare of the best times of Mid Century Modern style, this beautiful chair follow the make Mid Century Modern the reference in America of taste and a good design:

  • Function over Design
  • Experimental use of  materials
  • Organic, sleek lines

These principles allowed Hans Wegner to create beautiful and  functional wood  furniture pieces that form one of the most prolific catalogs in the world of furniture.

The Hans Wegner Shell Chair is commonly sold in the market of classic design houses, but you don’t have to pay the high price of a design house to experience its beauty and convenience. The replicas market became an answer to a growing desire for high-quality designed furniture at affordable prices. Barcelona Designs is one of the best alternatives in quality and fidelity to the original idea, while providing thoughtful customer service.