Frasier and the Wabi Sabi Principle

It happened in Frasier, the classic sitcom of the 1990s. Frasier, a sophisticated psychologist who lives with his dad, is fed up with the old chair that Martin (his dad) brought there since they’re living together. The chair, old and held together with duct tape, has no place in the cosmopolitan decor of Frasier’s Seattle apartment (A very Mid-Century Modern place). 

So he decides to dump it and buy a new one, a trendy massage chair for its dad. Martin tries the new one…And asks for the old one. After several ups and downs, Frasier gets the old chair and everything gets back to normal.

What can we learn from an episode like this? Decor is not only about beauty and new shiny brand new furniture, or valuable antiques. It has to do with the sentimental value of things we have and cherish, too. As it happens with every aspect of Interior Design, the key resides in balance. Don’t be afraid to show your personality and create a personal, passionate place.

There is a treasured decor principle for this: WabiSabi. This Japanese expression makes reference to finding beauty in imperfection. Wabi refers to living with humility and simplicity while being at one with nature, while Sabi is defined as the ability to accept the lifecycle of anything as it is—flaws and all. And that´s exactly the principle that leaves Frasier for us: To appreciate the old dad´s chair has to do with appreciate imperfection and to be in touch with yourself. 

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The Arco Lamp: Your Faithful Companion Day and Night

When the Milanese brothers Achille and Pier Giacomo Castiglioni launched their well-known Arco lamp on the market in 1962, they may not have imagined the scope it would have, how famous and influential it would become. Its popularity has grown so much over the decades that, today, it’s a floor lamp used in a wide variety of spaces, within which the bedroom, of course, is no exception. There are several reasons, both aesthetic and functional, why this piece is a good candidate to wear and use in your bedroom.

First, its telescopic arm adjusts to provide the perfect arc, allowing you to have overhead light even when placing the base up to two meters away from the reflector head. It’s an elegant and minimalist design, in tune with the new decorative trends.

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Add an Arco lamp reproduction to your bedroom and enjoy the wonderful benefits of having an iconic Mid-Century Modern style piece in your bedroom.

Iconic Chairs That Villains Have Used In Movies (II/II)

In the previous blog, we talked about one of the most iconic chairs used in movies which was the classic Egg chair. Now, is time to show you a variation of an Egg chair that was used in the famous movie; Austin Powers.

The Egg chair (black) – Austin Powers

Austin Powers has become a classic series of American spy action comedy films that stars Dr. Evil as the film’s villain. This character is recognized for spending most of the movie sitting in his majestic black leather chair. The thing is, this is also an Egg chair, did you know?

Source: New Line Cinema

His Egg chair has slight differences but the main feature, which is a high-backed swivel, are still there. 

The Ox chair – Austin Powers

This chair is part of the Dr. Evil chair collection. As you can see, it also shows a high back that demonstrates superiority and power. The black leather is also a key element to complement the raw vibe these villains have.

Did you know about these chairs? Comment below which one was your favorite.

Iconic Chairs That Villains Have Used In Movies (I/II)

Villains are usually the hated characters in movies, but accept it or not, they have tremendous flair! These characters always show them in a somewhat dark but authentic style, they sit them on striking furniture and use the accessories most desired by the other characters. To mention one example, in the movie Zoolander, one of Will Farrell’s villains is often remembered for sitting in his majestic white Egg chair. And like this, there are many cases.

In today’s blog we will show you a series of chairs that have even become famous for having appeared together with the villains of the movies. Let us begin!

The Egg chair – Zoolander

In case you haven’t remembered which scene we previously talked about in Zoolander movie, is the following one:

Source: INFURN

We have unlocked a memory right? Well, the chair in the pictureIt is the iconic creation of Arne Jacobsen, a Danish designer and architect who built it for a hotel grand opening. 

Not only has he appeared in the Zoolander film, he has also appeared in the James Bond film, which is one of the most famous agent films out there even today.

Click to know about more villains chairs.

Hans Wegner’s Chairs: The Peacock Chair

Continuing with the series of Hans Wegner’s chairs, let’s take a look at one of its most colorful models: The Peacock Chair.

With a bumpy history, just like the Shell Chair, the Peacock Chair is one masterpiece ahead of its time at the moment of its creation. Designed in 1947, the Peacock Chair was never released into scale production in Hans Wegner’s lifetime, with just some artisan items produced

Nevertheless, Hans Wegner in its unflappable work rhythm experimented through the years with different materials and techniques to make its Peacock a perfect chair. It made an appearance in the Cabinet Makers’s Guild Association of 1953, where Hans presented its chair with a special upholstered edition.

 The Peacock came finally to the light in 2014, when the house PP Mobler decide it to re release it, with great success.

What’s the Peacock Chair like?

The Peacock Chair is a direct heiress  of the classic British Windsor chair. With a arched wide back seat made of sculptured spindles, it has all the classic characteristic features of Hans Wegner’s  wood Chairs:  It sculptured body, elegant shapes and its craftmanship, delicated backseat. Differently of the Winsor, the creation of Hans Wegner had flat spindles. Finn Juhl, a great designer and friend of Wegner suggested that this  flat spindle backreast was very much alike a full extended peacock tale, and this way the name of the chair was given.

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A Modern Sofa Is More Than You Can Imagine (II / II)

In the previous article, we talked about the importance of the modern sofa and how the best sofas represent the perfect balance between aesthetics and function. The wide variety of models available on the market allowed the appearance of materials of all kinds, one according to each need, and the industrial techniques that, over time, gave way to the mass production of these types of pieces and generated more and more amazing models.

Leather sofas are a direct example of how an upholstery material can be the key to choosing a model. Leather is a flexible, attractive, elegant material with a very good reputation, which improves its appearance and its flexibility as it ages. More than that, it’s a waterproof material in which dust particles don’t get trapped like fabric sofas, which is perfect for people who suffer from severe allergies.

Cleaning a fabric sofa almost always requires a vacuum cleaner, but this is not the case with leather sofas, where only a damp handkerchief is enough to remove the most difficult dust. In short, choosing the right sofa can significantly improve your quality of life and add the aesthetic touch that you needed in your area. The best sofas can always offer you much more than you expect and will accompany you for many years.

A Modern Sofa Is More Than You Can Imagine (I / II)

You’ve probably heard many times about the importance of a modern sofa to any décor style, setting, and floor plan. A midcentury sofa can mean more than you think in many ways. Many pieces on the market have high durability and are very versatile.

That is, they look great with different decorating styles and can make a great contribution in both an aesthetic and functional sense. In a large number of cases, it represents the focal point of the compartment because it’s the element on which people focus their attention first.

There are spaces decorated according to an open-concept floor plan in which a modern sectional has a fundamental role. These types of designs are not only recommended because they help to visually divide the space when they are large multipurpose areas, but they’re also perfect for people who spend a lot of time in the living room watching TV or doing any other type of activity.

Even the most technically advanced models can be modified to have the chaise on the right or left side, whichever is more convenient. The person can relax, rest the body, and even take a nap on the couch.

You don’t have to lower the expectations you have about a modern sofa. The catalog of options is so wide that you can always find the perfect model for you, which represents your style and at the same time can provide you with the functionality you need.

Exotic Chairs: The Mole Chair.

Could you imagine an interpretation of Mid Century Modern style that shows at the same time the exuberance, relaxation, and sense of wilderness of being in the jungle of  Brazil? Well, If you think that is not possible, is because you don’t know the work of Sergio Rodrigues.

Sergio Rodrigues is considered the father of modern furniture in Brazil. Born in 1927 in Rio de Janeiro, and passed in 2014. Among Niemayer and other outstanding Brazilian figures, he was one voice of modernism and provide to the Mid Century Modern style of a different vibe, both modern and exotic at the same time, with creations that defy our conventional views on furniture and take us to a new land.

The furniture of Sergio Rodrigues has its own language and is a direct product of the nature of Brazil. Just like a Scandinavian Hans Wegner with masterpieces like the Shell Chair,  Rodrigues has a profound respect for nature and wood, working with South American varieties like Jacaranda or imbuia, that have their own beauty, density, and complexities. The result is expressed in masterpieces like the Mole Chair.       

Made of solid, round and strong imbuia wood, the stunning Mole Chair frame supports an exuberant, over-sized leather cushion with adjustable leather-support straps  that make you feel comfortable and free into a new territory of coziness. The Mole Chair received the first prize of the IV Viena Furniture Convention. It was designed in 1961 and is a classic nowadays for any design lover with wild appetites.    

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Hans Wegner Chair’s: The Oculus Chair

With a touch of mystery and charm, the history of the Oculus Chair is fascinating as the chair itself. Lost in the Hans Wegner files in the studio of the Danish Master creator of the Shell Chair; it never went on production. But it only was a clay model and some photos of a prototype.

The house Hansen took over and planned to release the chair, guided by design principles of Wegner and the experience of so many models where they worked together. The Oculus Chair was released in 2010, three years after the death of the Danish figure and it was an immediate success.

An enchanting lounge chair

The  Oculus Chair is a comfortable and magnetique lounge chair, in the same tradition of a Saarinen’s Womb Chair,  or the Eames Lounge Chair. Supported in a light and elegant steel frame, the big, rounded body of the chair, seat, and back, create a sense of contrast. The upholstery of the back seat in the Oculus Chair reminds of a human eye, so this is where its name came from (Oculus means eye in Latin).

Gorgeous and elegant, the oversized backrest and sloping armrests of the Oculus Chair invite you to sit, relax your feet in its matched Ottoman and experience the pleasure of being seated in one of the best objects you can,  just like when you do it in your Shell Chair.

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Choose A Modern Chair To Celebrate The International Men’s Day (II/II)

In the previous blog we talked about one of the best options of modern chairs, we mentioned the classic LC2 chair and we showed you its main features. If you haven’t read about it, we recommend that you do it before proceeding.

Now, if you already read the previous part, let’s continue! 

The Eames Lounge Chair

This is perhaps one of the most iconic chairs of all! As the name implies, it is an armchair type, which means that you can lean back and support most of your body as it comes with a very useful ottoman. Imagine your husband, friend or dad after a long day, sitting in his elegant lunges chair and doing what he likes best; relax and play some games.

The one we have placed here is the Manhattan Home Design option, which is a replica that fits quite well to original design. Here are some of its main features:

  • Upholstered in leather of your choice:
        •  Top-grain eco-leather
        •  Premium Italian leather
        •  Aniline leather
  • High-quality Lockstitch seams.
  • FAS American Timber plywood timber.
  • Kiln dried to prevent any sort of warping or cracking.
  • Final coat of Italian Lacquer for extra shine and longevity.
  • PU-injected memory foam cushions.
  • Removable Cushions.