The Woodrow Box Skandi Sofa: a Direct Way of Expressing Modernism

Has it ever happened to you that while you were watching a movie, a series, or any TV program with an old-style setting, you realized how much things have changed in the world of furniture design? The Woodrow Box Skandi sofa is a direct sample of them and also an alternative that you have on hand to express directly everything that Mid-Century Modern means.

It’s enough to note the differences between an antique sofa full of ornamental details that would currently be considered unnecessary. Also, classic furniture pieces didn’t focus so much on user comfort and that’s one of the reasons why they don’t seem the most ergonomic models at first glance. All that changed over time with the incorporation of increasingly appropriate materials for human use and industrial techniques that facilitated mass production processes.

A midcentury sofa is currently the most common thing you can get in a furniture store. People are looking not only for something durable but also versatile in an aesthetic sense. A modern sofa tends to go beyond the obvious and offer solutions that a little more than a hundred years ago were unknown.

For example, modular sofas can be transformed according to the user’s needs to adjust the position of their seats to a more convenient way. Many sectionals and sofabeds also offer attractive technical advantages. The Woodrow Box Skandi sofa, with its tan leather upholstery, will become the cornerstone of your floor plan and a powerful decorative element.

The Egg chair: The Arne Jacobsen Masterpiece

It is impressive how a good interior design with very well chosen elements can make you feel. When we find pieces that generate comfort and are also visually attractive, it immediately influences our state of mind. Such is the case of the beautiful piece that we will talk about today, the Egg chair.

We highlight this chair as we believe that it faithfully represents a complete design as: it has a lot of personality, offers exceptional comfort, has longevity and, of course, is incredibly statuesque. Today, we will explore the fascinating story behind the creation of the great Arne Jacobsen.

The Egg chair history

The Egg Chair was designed in 1958 for the lobby of the SAS Royal Hotel in Copenhagen. The first skyscraper ever in the city, the hotel was Arne Jacobsen’s largest commission to date. He was the designer hired to create from the façade to the furniture, cutlery and lighting.

The Egg chair description

This striking  piece was made using new methods and materials – a foam shell covered in upholstery. It also has a rotating base made of stainless steel that allows you to have extra comfort.

Why Is The Eames Lounge Chair Everywhere?

It’s enough to mention that it is one of the chairs that has appeared the most in the history of cinema and television in all kinds of audiovisual productions. The Eames Lounge Chair is as recognized a star as any Hollywood celebrity, and it only takes a short Google search to discover the impact that its appearance on the market had more than sixty years ago, building a legacy that resists dying.

Some uninformed passersby might claim that it was the fame of Charles and Ray Eames that launched such a piece of furniture to fame in this way. However, although, indeed, this duet of geniuses was already widely applauded for their contributions to the world of architecture, what their luxury seat achieved it did on its own merits, being a design of the highest category.

The strongest evidence of those merits is probably the existence of products like the Eames Lounge Chair replica by Manhattan Home Design, a model that emulates every detail specified by the designers, including premium materials, a design with impressive ergonomics, and the ottoman that accompanies it.

An Eames Lounge Chair reproduction is the most direct and affordable way to access the benefits of this masterful piece that’s waiting to be part of your layout as soon as you give it the opportunity.

The Arco Lamp Is a Perfect Addition To Your Clear Color Palette

If you didn’t know this floor lamp, you’ve been missing one of the most known and loved masterful designs in the world, belonging to the Mid-Century Modern style. The popularity of the Arco lamp dates back to 1962 when the Castiglioni brothers decided to introduce to the world a model with technical and aesthetic characteristics like never before seen.

If you’ve already heard about this iconic design, you’ve probably also heard about its memorable Carrara marble base, one of its most amazing and talked-about components. The marble base has the function of providing firmness and stability to the imposing stainless steel arch; however, that’s not its only function as it also adds extraordinary aesthetic value.

It’s such an essential component that even its closest products such as the Arco Lamp replica by Manhattan Home Design include the same type of marble, thus respecting its dimensions and the details of its characteristics. Adding an Arco lamp reproduction can be very convenient if you have a white ceramic marble floor or a light color palette in general.

The veined, natural and unique appearance of this marble, which is the same type of marble used even in the great artistic works of antiquity, including the sculptures of Michelangelo, can mean a perfect match, capable of making the most elegant aspects stand out and eye-catching of your layout to make it look like a luxurious environment.

The Womb Chair, the Ultimate Reading Chair

In a very recent review from living etc, the Eero Saarinen’s Womb Chair is signaled as one of the 31 best chairs for reading nowadays. Not bad for a chair designed when John F. Kennedy was still President of the United States, right?

The Womb Chair is reviewed in the blog under the subtitle Honour a Mid Century Scheme. Among the other models selected, we have the Eames Lounge Chair (Obviously), a Jacobsen’sEgg Chair, and more contempo pieces, like chaise longs.

The purpose of a reading room, or just a special place for family, is mainly a room of relaxing available for everybody in the house. It can be as large and complex as you imagine, but as cozy and warm as you need.

The Womb Chair, thanks to its undetachable Ottoman, and perfect design,  capable to give that “fun” moment both indoor as outdoor , is your perfect company to that reading sessions.

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Flamboyant Chairs: The Spun Chair

From the mind of Thomas Heatherwick, a great British designer, comes the Spun Chair. A flamboyant chair, only at fist sight. Looking like an sculptured empty vessel, the Spun chair is really a mobile relaxing chair.

Once you sit in, you may lean from side to side or rotate around, without falling. The Spun Chair is fun, but is functional, too. Originally released in 2005. Heatherwick tried to solve the question if one completely round and rotationally symmetrical object make a comfortable chair? The success of this flamboyant chair seems to answer the question.

Originally created with the same materials of timpani drums (those big drums used in symphonic  orchestras), the Spun is now made from polypropylene, and it has many replicas around the world. A chair to have fun and give your life a twist.

Thomas Heatherwick is a very famous designer and it has stunning achievements, like the design of the UK Pavilion at the Shanghai Expo of 2010, just like did Ludwig Mies van der Rohe in the International Exposition of Barcelona in 1928, with the German Pavilion and the Barcelona Chair.

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Design Trends: What’s off this 2021

Interior design is a great washing machine…Some trends get so popular, so trendy, so hot….That they just get dirty by overuse and lack of criterial. With time and the view from Interior Designers, these trends are renewed and released again to wear, just like clean, pristine clothes. But that requires time to complete the washing cycle. Let’s take a look to what is considered dirty, OFF now.

Mirrored Furniture

There is not half measures with Mirrored furniture. People love it or hate it, but for now, designers hate it the most. Lucite is a better alternative. Mirrored furniture had a short revival by grandmilenials, but it fell in disgrace quickly. Maybe is related to the very inconveniences of excessive mirrors, it doesn’t matter the particular style and time we are. 

Pale Monochromatic spaces

After so many years of Scandinavian imperialism,  it looks like the neutral color trend has gone too far for so long. Bold monochromatic choices are welcomed. Grey and beige are really hard to die dudes, and enhancing them with pints of color (grey + blue) is an alternative.


It looked terrific in the 1990s and they were all over the place: Homes, Airports, Malls, Hospitals. Concrete floors were extremely popular due to its versatility and its easy maintenance. Today we’ve seen enough of this trend and maybe is time for concrete to rest for a while.

Subway Tile

Another overexposed material. Subway tile, supposedly used for the first time in the NYC sub, became highly popular in the 1990s, and it still is. Indeed it became a classic for cafes, bistros, bakeries, and so on. The new trends are all about color and life, so there is not space for that boring (now) white walls.

Marble and granite

Staining or etching is a permanent risk with  marble and that makes it sometimes undesirable, especially in kitchens where it turns to be inevitable. Faux marble imitations are doing great (porcelain, plastic fiber), is less expensive and it reaches almost the same heights of beauty.

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Design notes from the Barcelona Chair: Neutral Vs Colorful

Nowadays, there is an intense dispute in Interior Design between colorful advocates and their neutral counterparts. They both defend some pretty good concepts in the use of color for our spaces.

When it comes to the neutral team, there are some good reasons to take in consideration. Popular choices in Interior Design nowadays consider neutral choices as their mean element to obtain a relaxing, calm environment, and that’s a common desire for many people. On the other hand, the result may end in a monotone trend, where all living rooms or bedrooms look the same. From there the plea of the colorful team to enrich our spaces and bring them some life.

But, there are some ways to enrich your color palette without blowing your equilibrium, lets share some tips about it.

Enhance your neutrals

If you are not ready to say good bye to your beloved neutral colors, one beautiful alternative is to warm them. Get out of the cold white and bring some green, blue, and stronger hues of grey. The results matching with your furniture will refresh you.


One of the kings of neutral color, Grey will be here for a while too. Try it with a stronger approach. Other suggestion is not to use grey in a overwhelm way. Don’t use it like the only color around, and get some support with an accent wall where you can complement it or look for a contrast with a bright color


In several hues, blue is rocking all around this year. The rising of Coastal Living in 2020, has made navy blue a very popular option. But not only in navy, Deep blue is quite popular too, and let’s keep in mind that classic blue was the color of the year 2020, according to Pantone. So, it’s very probable to see this relaxing, cool hue along all 2021, too. 

Light woods

Each year, the influence of natural elements, is greater, so will see a lot about their color tones in our homes. Natural wood, with all its nuances, just like light wood, Originally seen mainly in flooring, light wood its making the crossover to furniture and even as a hue choice for walls, being a very popular choice.

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The Shell Chair: From the Wood to the Rock.

Some interesting things happen when we are in front of a classic piece. No matter if that piece is a literature work, sculpture, a classic sports car, or the design of furniture: There will be always original ways to express admiration and pay tribute to your influencers.

This is the case with the Shell Chair and the original proposal by Zaha Hadid, a group of architects that made a recreation of Hans Wegner’s 1963, CH07 “Shell” Chair” as a sculpture, in stone and carbon fiber.

The Zaha Hadid group called the chair Lapella Chair. Is the exact representation of the original Shell Chair of wood and leather, but in this case, its characteristic winglike silhouette with tapered legs is made of palisandro stone and carbon fiber composites. The final result is a beautiful stunning stone chair, sculped as one only rock.

It wasn’t an easy task. To achieve the same functionality of the original masterpiece, but with a lighter weight, the group of architects worked closely with the University of Westminster and AKT II, an engineering firm based in London. The purpose was to determine the minimum thickness of the stone, capable to support a functional structure. 

By this thoughtful mastering of the stone, the Zaha Hadid group just provided a second air to the  Hans Wegner Shell Chair, with a piece half a sculpture and half a new futuristic chair.

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Your Modern Sofa: The Item That Will Steal All Eyes

It’s common for a modern sofa to become the focal point of any living room. A midcentury sofa is one of the most representative elements of any space; it’s a piece of furniture to which the gaze is directed naturally, almost by inertia, and in most cases, it’s one of the elements with the greatest capacity to define the style of an area.

When you’ve chosen the decorating style of your living room, you’ll use it as the main orientation to obtain the most important guidelines regarding it: where to place it, which piece to choose exactly, select the correct colors and materials, among other related aspects.

Leather sofas speak of sophistication and modern trend that practically never go out of date. A modern sectional is also a great help for dividing very wide floors, where a moderate selection of furniture doesn’t seem to be enough to fill the area and make it highly functional.

The best sofas are leaders in transforming an interior design and making it look in all the splendor of its characteristics. When putting together your floor plan, make sure you can have enough space between the coffee table, the wall, and the sofa in your living room.

Remember that some stores specialized in first-class furniture pieces are especially convenient to help you make a selection with enough consistency, good taste, and elegance that your home deserves. Add a sofa and amaze yourself at the results.