Prepare Your Guests Room With A Barcelona Daybed & More (II/II)

Note: We recommend that you refer to the previous article to understand better.

Now that we have explained why to choose a replica on an original Barcelona daybed, it is important that you know the characteristics that you will have with this beautiful piece, and here you have them:

A soft and durable leather – The cover of the entire Barcelona daybed is made of Italian full-grain leather, full-grain leather is the “highest quality leather that money can buy, it refers to the leathers that have been sanded, polished, or inhaled. The grain remains giving strength and originality to the leather ”.

Because of how difficult it is to find this leather on the market because it is a bit difficult to obtain from manufacturers, this is one of the factors that makes it so authentic.

Polished Tubular Stainless Steel Legs – This is one of the eye-catching elements that the daybed has, this is perfect when you have or like steel accents.

Various colors available – If you already have other elements to have in mind, the color of the couch will not be a problem because having many colors available will make it easy to combine with your current design.