Reasons Why A Shell Chair Is The Perfect Companion For Your Living Room

The Shell chair is one of the most versatile accent chairs on the market and today we will explain to you why.

Whether to use it during a quiet afternoon or to relax after a tiring day at work, the Shell chair offers the perfect and comfortable support you need in different environments.

The design of this beautiful Scandivian model is very dynamic, functioning as authenticity and adventure font wherever it is placed. It is not only a gorgeous piece with curved edges, it is also a high-quality piece that will last -if you take care of it- as much as you want, why? Because it is made from molded walnut plywood and oak veneer, with an exceptional eco-leather padded seat and back. 

Therefore, you will not only enjoy a chair made from high-quality materials, but you could also be honored as a Scandivian and mid-century icon. Yes, as you read! The Shell chair has become an icon in both styles, because as you may already know, these styles share very similar characteristics, so it will match either of them.

Plus! In case you want to include this precious icon in your living room, remember to complement it with a coffee table and a lamp.