Scott Disick and the Barcelona Daybed

As is known by all, people enjoys s lot to see celebrities showing their house, whether in Architectural Digest, MTV Cribs, or any other TV Show.

To see celebrities showing their house make us feel good, because it brings hope and inspo.

That is the case with Architectural Digest, and its Tv Show Open Door, where celebrities invite us to take a look inside of their own houses. In a recent episode the turn was for Scott Disick, who showed us a really cool house for he and his kids.

In this majestic California house, sleek and modern are the right words, without losing any sense of comfort and safety for his children.

In the 6:34 minute of the 34th episode of season 1, you can see one fine lounge room used by Scott mainly to relax between several design pieces, like Jeanerette Chairs, and of course a version of a Barcelona Daybed, in elegant white below a window.

As you can see, there is plenty of Celebrity power behind the Barcelona Daybed, and its going to take a long time to fade away.

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