Staging your Home with the Style of your Shell Chair

Your home is “coming out” . The moment of renting or sell it has arrived. If you want to do this successfully There are some tips that we can share, with some essential tips you must keep in mind, if you really want .


A strong, unexpected, unpleasant smell easily can generate a quick rejection from potential customers. Nasty smells are associated with poor hygiene  and diseases, logically. But besides strong smells, there are a series of “daily basis smells” that can be very unpleasant for new visitors, but completely unnoted for the usual owner. Do you have pets? Kids? Any alligator at home? They can be a source of funny smells that you barely notice. What experts advice: Take a friend of yours to your place and ask for a honest opinion.


Proportion, always proportion. The golden rule for interior designers applies equally with renters, owners. A place with disproportioned furniture will always led to talk (not the good talk we want to hear). Small rugs, gigantic rugs on steroids,  too much white and neutral colors, or too strong tones, that all could lead to a unpleasant experience. A balanced décor is key to visitors so they can see the strengths of your place without interferences.


A good lighting is a wonderful tool to create a good impression. Natural light has no substitute, and all the means available to supply it must be used. Get rid of curtains, blinds. Especially when it comes to rent or sell, customers want to see their property as clear is possible. And don’t skimp on artificial light, especially for the main rooms: Diner room, kitchen, living room.

Design Furniture

Maybe if you have a property for your own use, you will have a different expectation, but when it comes to renting or buying, a potential customer enjoys terribly to see its spaces to the best they can look. That is a great hook. Experienced renters know it since long time ago, and that’s why the tend to rely on replicas to bring the best impression. A good quality replica allows to show a great, elegant view of the room, for a fraction of the price. An excellent design piece, like the Barcelona Design rendition of the Hans Wegner Shell Chair, will make quite a statement.


“Oh what a lovely room, and so illuminated”

“I am glad you like it, come inside”

“Oh, what a wonderful closet, I would like to see it inside, let’s open it…”


And then a dirty clothes bag falls down. Don’t forget to clean your principal closets, especially if your closet is beautiful and large, because they always call the attention.

If you want to enter in the world of classic masterworks  of Design, don’t miss the opportunity in Barcelona Design, the place for classic pieces, like the Barcelona Sofa and the Hans Wegner Shell Chair.