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Why you Should Stop Hesitating and Buy a Barcelona Daybed

Buying a furniture piece like the Barcelona Daybed is something that can be compared to choosing a car. There are many aspects that you have to take into consideration before going through with the purchase like your lifestyle and, of course, the time and money you’ll invest in this furniture piece.

The Barcelona Daybed is sure to have a positive impact on how your daily life goes about and how you feel when you’re at home. Naturally, no one can predict the future, but we want to make sure you are well informed and make an educated purchase when it comes to the Daybed.

Reason #1: Maintenance

Barcelona Daybed 1
Source: Architectural Digest

The main benefit behind the Daybed is that it’s sure to last longer than any other sofa you’re used to due to the high-quality materials its made of. 

Forget about something cheap and trendy, it might sound tempting but you know it’s not truly worth it. Yeah, a shopping spree to Ikea sounds fun, but you’re just planning for failure when you buy furniture that isn’t made to last. If on the other hand, you are looking for furniture pieces that will stick around for a lifetime and maybe some more, look no further than this wonderful Daybed.

This Daybed is easy to maintain since the top-grain premium Italian leather used in it’s production doesn’t crack or fade like some imitation leathers are likely to do. It’s simply based on taking good care of the leather upholstery and regularly cleaning the Daybed’s frame to keep it looking sleek. 

Reason #2: Spills-Proof

Barcelona Daybed 2
Source: Twenty Twenty One

Every furniture piece’s arch-enemy is, of course, the terribly feared spillage. You’re enjoying a nice glass, or bottle of red wine and out of the blue, it turns out that your sofa decided to join the party. Now, your sofa is pretty much ruined.

This Daybed is considerably harder to ruin than most furniture pieces in the market since it’s made of a less porous leather than open-weave fabrics. In case of a spill, all you need to do is gently clean with a dry washcloth to treat it.

Remember to always take good preventive care of your Daybed, because when your leather is buffed, spills are considerably less likely to get absorbed into the leather’s pores. This flexibility and easy treatment make the Daybed a truly versatile piece, unlike a sofa bed might ever be.

Reason #3: Comfort

Barcelona Daybed  3
Source: CDN Decoist

Perhaps, the absolute most important quality of the Barcelona Daybed. This Daybed was designed in a time when comfort wasn’t always taken into account. The fact that the designer, Mies van der Rohe decided to make this piece, along with the others from the Barcelona Collection really says a lot. 

But a simpler way to go about this is to ask if there is any other thing that could feel better than lying down on this leather sofa? The answer is probably not. You can choose to sit as if it were a sofa, or better yet lie down and truly live a relaxing moment. 

But don’t forget that comfort is also tied to appearance. Taking this into account, it’s important to note that this Daybed carries an air of simplicity and elegance that is instantly recognizable after being featured in museums and collections around the world. 

This is a piece you simply can’t wrong with it.

Reason #4: Lifestyle

Source: Pinterest

Finally, it’s important that you consider your current lifestyle. To get a better idea about this subject, here are a few helpful questions you should answer:

Do you suffer from sinus pressure during springtime? If this is your case, a leather Daybed like this one is ideal for you. Sofas that are upholstered with fabric gather dust mites and many allergens way more easily than a leather sofa, especially when it is hypoallergenic.

Do you have any pets or toddlers? If that’s the case with you, then this Daybed is right for you. Not only is it easier to clean and harder to stain but it easily adapts to a “lived-in” look, making this Daybed ideal for pet owners. And as any parent will surely tell you, children have a particular preference for Sharpies or any type of markers and are 100% likely to cause accidents. 

While there’s no surefire way to keep your Daybed safe from the chaos of toddlers and pets, a furniture item that is easier to clean and harder to damage is sure to go a long way.

Hopefully, all your hesitation towards buying your own Daybed is long gone by now. But if not, is there anything else that is getting in your way of making the big decision of finally purchasing the furniture piece you deserve? Get in touch with us and let our great customer service know. Our promise to you is that we’ll do our best to help you clear your mind, on this furniture piece, or another one you might have in mind. If you still think this daybed isn’t for you, you can find other mid-century modern classics at an affordable price with Barcelona Designs and other recognized sellers!

Womb Chair Replica MHD 6

Is the Womb Chair & Ottoman still popular today?

Eero Saarinen’s most iconic creation, the Womb Chair & Ottoman replica is nowadays, one of the most popular furniture pieces from the mid-century modern style, and one of the best-sellers from our store. Perhaps, the only way a replica can exist is by following designs of iconic furniture pieces, this chair made its way after the Finish-American designer Eero Saarinen had the idea to make it happen, to the 21st century, 60 years later.

In consequence, the basket full of pillows dream-chair that designer Florence Knoll requested back then, is still alive and standing. And we’ll find out why, here.

Womb Chair Replica 6
Source: Barcelona Designs

As we have talked about before, it was in 1946, just after a short meeting with Florence Knoll at the Cranbrook Academy of Art, that the Saarinen concept was born. Back then, Knoll told him that she needed a chair that she might simply “sit in sideways or any other way she wanted”, tired of uncomfortable lounge chairs that everyone had back in the days. 

Womb Chair Eero 3
Source: Knoll

Saarinen then proceeded to work on the primary version of the piece by taking a modern’s womb as inspiration. Indeed, he felt that not many people had been comfy in their lives since they left their mother’s womb. 

Nowadays reviews of Saarinen’s masterpiece

This particular seat is favorite by tons of individuals around the world who extremely praised for the sense of safety that conveys. With an ottoman by its side, the piece has achieved a long story of making people naps, breaks and reading times the most comfortable ones.  

If you search the net for clues, you’ll realize that the majority of individuals agree that the comfort the chair provides isn’t only singularly real but fascinating. Likewise, a fast Google search will pop-out countless forums where individuals seeking comfy chairs that don’t break their backs and posture are being advised to get Eero’s creation. 

Reviews from celebrated furnishings sites agree that the chair is nearly nonnatural, a fact we won’t understand until experiencing sitting on one. However, public opinion has set an spotlight for this piece, thanks to whole womb seat fanatics getting across their point among the entire designer furniture field: The womb chair is one of the most comfortable and beautiful chairs and it might be the best for 6”1 people who can’t fall in love with Eames lounges.  

Even though, a fair deeper search will reveal some detractors of Saarinen’s comfy lounge. Like, people who’s commented that the chair had a sitting structure that was no appealing to them. Most likely, this might be explained with them not given a good use of it. For example, by using it as an office chair, which is wrong.   

So, why is the Womb Chair Popular?

Just like Florence Knoll wanted, the seat is meant to provide high-quality rests and relaxation. It was not made to sit upright, getting long hours of work done or doing significant readings and long period studying, it has to be used to lay back during breaks and get over the stress of regular life. In fact, the womb exists so people can sit down, stretch their legs, extend the back and shut their eyes while it fills the room with personality and style. 

If you haven’t figured it out yet, just like many other mid-century modern furniture this piece is still popular because of two reasons:

  1. It is functional and durable – it does what it says it can do: It’ll be comfortable and stylish for a long time.  
  2. It’s ageless, versatile and beautiful: It delivers modernity and personality to any room regardless is designed era. 
Womb Chair Replica 10
Source: House and Home

For this reason, its structure has accomplished nowadays sells success logline: “It’s just like they advertised”. Now, if we add that the boom of high-quality knock-off market has decreased its price while being faithful to the original design and materials, the only question left is how wouldn’t it be still popular?

Nostalgic, hard-working, money-saving Millennials can get enough of it and as they are the new market costumers, this might mean that the piece has a long-road left on its future. 

Still, present in the market

Even though, back in the days, the main material utilized in constructing the structure of the chair was fiberglass, a flexible material suited to chairs. Nowadays, several knock-off sellers have contributed to the decrease in high-quality replicas by relying on cheap materials and avoiding fiberglass to deliver cheaper badly-made versions for the audience. On the other hand, not everything it’s lost. 

Womb Chair Replica 11
Source: Manhattan Home Designs

Along with a polished chrome base and a frame padded high-quality fabric over a fiberglass shell, there are manufacturers which Womb Chair & Ottoman replica is intended to facilitate the original experienced among new audiences. 

Like Florence Knoll would have wanted, Manhattan Home Designs (just like BCN), for example, presents a faithful representation of Eero Saarinen’s creation for the mid-century and modernist furniture design movement, that features accurately shaped fiberglass frames and high-density memory foam moldings wrapped in premium wool upholstery.

In short, If you’re considering this piece for your house bear in mind shopping for a duplicate that fulfills all of the specifications of the initial Saarinen style to assure getting its real comfort.

Do you have one already? Tell us about your experience below!

If not, what are you waiting for? 

Join the club in Barcelona Designs!

Top 9 Interior Design Trends This Winter

You may not be aware of what’s trending, and flopping, when it comes to interior design trends this winter. But the days are starting to get shorter, and the sun is beginning to cool, so you know you’ve only got a few short weeks to turn your home into a winter wonderland.

This season the attention is on color and designing a cozy, comforting arrangement. Berry tones, peacock blues, black kitchens, and deep rouge. Now, but don’t worry if these made you squirm at the thought of all the darkness, pretty pink and green are also trending.

Here are 9 interior design trends for you to peruse during winter decorating that are sure to heat your home.

Black Furniture

barcelona chair
Source: Pinterest

Black accessories surfaced as a trend last year, and a year later, it’s sneaking into furniture, especially dining chairs. The little black chair is expected to be the style icon of the dining room. 

We believe that statement designs like these are a perfect suit for all tastes. Keep the look warm with a cozy rug placed on the back of the dining chairs and maybe even add some pinky/blush-toned tableware to mix in some light colors.

If black dining chairs aren’t your thing, you can go for something more classic. A masterpiece in simplicity, the Barcelona Chair is a testament to Mies van der Rohe’s “less is more”. We know this chair may be out of budget for many, that’s why we want to make it clear that there is no shame in having replicas. You can find some incredible ones with Barcelona Design, and if you’re looking for other mid-century modern classics at an affordable price, you can look into other recognized sellers!

Purple Prevails

Source: Casa y Diseño

The luxurious tones found within the Jewel Shades trend are meant to impress, creating a climactic yet evenly comforting mood in the home. 

Create a stunning and eye-catching environment by being confident with color. 

Purple is one of those colors and it’s going to be a prominent shade for this winter. Choose one central piece like a super chic sofa and let it be the star of the show. Use forest greens and greys to ground the look.

Peacock Blue

Source: Pinterest

This is a powerful look that can be effortlessly handled by coupling it with a lighter color like millennial pink. This prevents the peacock shade from overpowering. 

Use a darker shade of blue for the curtains and tableware to add depth and disperse the design with a burst of mustard and a big loose floral throw pillow or two. 

Pop some fresh blooms and foliage in an oversized vase to bring nature in.

Comforting Layers

Source: Pinterest

With the days getting shorter and the winter clock closing in, it’s time to cozy up. 

Layer up your accessories using a lot of beautiful textures and a warming autumnal palette of amber hues mixed with mossy greens and homely blues. 

Incorporate prints on throw pillows and rugs for a look into the past bringing familiarity and charm. When styled with comforting textiles and accessories, furniture becomes both timeless and classic. 

We love the idea of two or three rugs overlapping each other, it adds a lovely decorative feel to a room.

All The Neutrals

Source: Pinterest

This one look is for those of you who don’t fancy color – it’s classic, sophisticated and oh-so-stylish. Use unique organic-shaped lighting as a focal point and balance pendant, floor and table lamps for an integral look. 

Use a blend of oatmeal tones coupled with rust for a cozy feel and complete the look with a pale wood coffee table.

Blush & Green

Source: Renovating Space

Such a lovely trend that will see us through those dark, gloomier winter months. The two shades work together so well, you can use it in the form of wallpaper or buy accessories like a vase, cushions or throw pillows. 

And as a bonus, palm print wallpaper is a hot trend as well!

Retro Graphics

Source: In Two Homes

With retro looks still being stylish, one of the quickest, and more often than not, the best ways to keep up with the trends is to make little changes. Update your bedding and buy a few new plant pots and a throw or two – no remodeling necessary!

Clean lines and geometric shapes are inspired by the Bauhaus movement making your space bold, beautiful and oh-so-modern.

All That Sparkles

Source: DG Home

Shine bright with this gold, brass or copper decoration trend. Which metallic finish do you prefer above the rest? 

Pair dining sets with matching legs and bring the metallic finish into the tableware to tie the design together. Be on the lookout for unusual shapes to add interest.

Black Kitchens

Source: Pinterest

Yes, that’s right – black is so back that it’s even gracing our kitchens! For 2020, we’ll be seeing a lot of bold cabinetry colors – people are making braver and bolder design decisions than they used to.

Moving away from cool grey tones, we’re seeing a lot more black. Black sums elegance, drama, and depth to any space, especially when dressed with well-positioned lighting, which is vital to lighten up a darker scheme.

The key to making it work is to have balance, You can do this by having a white ceiling walls, a marble countertop and a floor with a warm tone.