Take Care Of Your Barcelona Sofa Italian Leather With These Recommendations (II/II)

barcelona white sofa

Now that we have described a bit about Italian leather and its careful reproduction, today we are going to show you the best options to keep your Italian leather alive!

Clean regularly your Barcelona sofa replica using the driest method possible. What does it mean? This mostly means a soft, hand-held vacuum and dry cloth.

Note: if you have mild spots you can humidify the utensil very lightly but always avoid any excess of wetness and most important, never use chemicals! This material is pretty sensible to wet so be careful!

Place the Barcelona sofa in a safe place

Italian leather is very delicate and susceptible to humidity and heat. So to avoid any damage and extend its useful life, move the Barcelona sofa away from the fireplace or direct sunlight.

Note: a direct heat source can cause extensive damage to the original condition of your leather.

Protect your Italian leather by covering it

In addition to protecting the leather from dirt and moisture, the coating can also function as a decorative element.

Note: When you have guests or children, this is great protection against any scratches.

Check the humidity level with a hygrometer

We hope that these tips will help you protect not only your Barcelona sofa but also any leather furniture you have in your home. Comment below what was your favorite tip!