The Arco Lamp: a Perfect Ally To Work From Home

Multifunctional spaces have become an impressive trend, especially in the last year, a period during which quarantine, isolation, and work-from-home modalities forced many people to transform their environment and adapt it to the new lifestyle that before it seemed distant or very alien.

In that sense, having tools at home that symbolize the perfect combination of style and functionality such as the Arco lamp is an undoubted advantage, both for environments designed according to an open-concept floor plan and more traditional indoors.

We are not even referring to the original product as there are alternatives like the Arco lamp replica by Manhattan Home Design that work and look just as good as the authentic piece from the Castiglioni brothers.

This design was recognized from its inception for several technical advantages. It was practically the only floor lamp that could offer steerable overhead light as if it were a ceiling lamp, with a robust and attractive marble base that provides stability.

The base can be up to two meters away from the reflector head so that the user can move freely around the light source without tripping over it. This makes it an ideal device for work environments such as workshops, offices, reading rooms, etc.

Yet an Arco lamp reproduction is so impressive in a visual sense that its very presence, defined by the height of its stainless steel arch of up to 95 inches high, is something simply to behold. This piece was made to achieve the perfect balance between aesthetics and function.