The Arco Lamp: an Unmatched Technical Advantage

Believe it or not, the whole image of a living room can change thanks to the addition of a floor lamp. The perfect lighting in the perfect spot is an aspect that can favor the functional result and the visual effect in an extraordinary way. Due to its aesthetic appearance and its technical advantages, a model like the Arco lamp can provide the ideal touch of grace that many don’t even know how to achieve.

The best thing about this masterful design by the Castiglioni brothers is that it can be one of the focal points of your living room and at the same time become the perfect companion for your office, workshop, or workplace.

The piece became so famous that today there are products such as the Arco lamp reproduction from Barcelona Designs, which amazingly emulates all its characteristics.

The stainless steel arch of the Arco lamp replica represents a unique technical advantage, taking into account that it’s one of the first floor lamps that became so famous precisely for projecting overhead light in a very bold and intelligent way.

As if that weren’t enough, its authentic Carrara marble base, extraordinary from every point of view, sets it apart from any known archetype of popular floor lamp and places it in a status of superior elegance, strikingly creative, and of great presence.