The Arco Lamp Can Make The Perfect Contrast On Your Dark Color Scheme

Environments that are too dark or where highly concentrated cool colors abound often need the support of warm accent colors that add brightness, visual interest, and balanced lighting. In this sense, the Arco lamp can be greatly helpful, considering the nature of its materials and the imposing appearance, impossible to ignore. The body of the Arco lamp is basically forged from high-gloss stainless steel, and this material can reflect all light sources in the environment. This produces an effect that’s both elegant and functionally favorable. Also, the base of this magnificent artifact is made from a gleaming piece of authentic Carrara marble.

The whiteness of the marble, in combination with the reflective finish of the stainless steel, form an amazing combination that can blend incredibly well into any environment with a dark color scheme. Also, the Arco lamp has some valuable technical advantages. Its reflector head can point the light in the direction you need it most, and it can also offer overhead light even if you place the base at a point quite far from the light source so that you will not stumble upon it.

Adding an iconic design like this doesn’t necessarily mean that you should invest a fortune. Some alternatives like the Manhattan Home Design’s Arco lamp replica can offer you a very similar benefit at a much lower price. Add an Arco lamp reproduction to your layout and enhance the brightness and excitement of your space with dark colors.