The Arco Lamp: Everything a Floor Lamp Can Offer

The form, the materials, the functions, the technology: everything always focused on responding to the user’s needs. The Arco lamp has become the greatest ally of the reading sessions and work areas of many people. Besides, it’s a piece present in workspaces, domestic areas, common areas of buildings for public use such as restaurants, lobbies, and lounges.

The sustained fame of this piece over decades made it one of the first meeting points for new generations with the Mid-Century Modern style and is often one of the first purchases made by people who decide to adopt this trend to decorate their spaces. Thanks to its popularity, there are currently many replicas of this piece in all parts of the world, some of them very faithful to the original design presented by FLOS more than fifty years ago. 

Additionally, an Arco lamp replica represents an emblem of its style and its time and the influence that it continued to have years after its appearance, which gives a very remarkable symbolic value to any area in which it’s used. An Arco lamp reproduction is a very desirable product for your living room. This design is part of the permanent collections of the Triennale Museum in Milan and the MoMA in New York.