The Arco Lamp Is a Perfect Addition To Your Clear Color Palette

If you didn’t know this floor lamp, you’ve been missing one of the most known and loved masterful designs in the world, belonging to the Mid-Century Modern style. The popularity of the Arco lamp dates back to 1962 when the Castiglioni brothers decided to introduce to the world a model with technical and aesthetic characteristics like never before seen.

If you’ve already heard about this iconic design, you’ve probably also heard about its memorable Carrara marble base, one of its most amazing and talked-about components. The marble base has the function of providing firmness and stability to the imposing stainless steel arch; however, that’s not its only function as it also adds extraordinary aesthetic value.

It’s such an essential component that even its closest products such as the Arco Lamp replica by Manhattan Home Design include the same type of marble, thus respecting its dimensions and the details of its characteristics. Adding an Arco lamp reproduction can be very convenient if you have a white ceramic marble floor or a light color palette in general.

The veined, natural and unique appearance of this marble, which is the same type of marble used even in the great artistic works of antiquity, including the sculptures of Michelangelo, can mean a perfect match, capable of making the most elegant aspects stand out and eye-catching of your layout to make it look like a luxurious environment.