The Arco Lamp: The Importance of a Relevant Design

The fact that the Arco lamp has become a classic design in the catalog of modern fixtures with an Italian stamp is a bit romantic, even poetic, considering that not just any floor lamp can fit into that category. In the end, it’s all about lighting.

Light, like many other factors within a design, has a function that’s not only aesthetic and not only applied to the space to make it look better and highlight its beauty, but it’s also a technical factor that can make a room much more functional.

Many people have a preference for cold light, but this is not always the most convenient. On the other hand, although warm or yellow light has been used to generate a calmer sensation and a softer and more pleasant environment, it’s highly uncomfortable for work areas, where the eyes will have to make a greater effort to adapt to the great contrasts it generates.

Besides, cold light is the best option for workspaces since the view adapts much better to it and it tires much less. Take this aspect into account if you’re considering installing a home office in your living room. In either case, an Arco lamp replica like the one from Manhattan Home Design is much more than cold or warm light: it’s also style.

There are many designs on the market similar to this work by the Castiglioni brothers, but only in a truly faithful Arco lamp reproduction you’ll find even the most attractive features, such as its solid Carrara marble base. The Arco lamp is practically the most suitable piece to understand the value of having a relevant design in your spaces.